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POM 2017: Heikoop and Guedes da Silva won PreO stage

The beautiful historical spaces of Coudelaria de Alter hosted the PreO competition of the Portugal O' Meeting 2017. After twenty three funny and challenging controls, Mark Heikoop and Alexandre Guedes da Silva were the big winners in the Open and Paralympic classes, respectively.

The usual PreO competition of the Portugal O' Meeting took place today, with a 23-task course at Coudelaria de Alter. 115 competitors in the Open class and 11 in the Paralympic class faced a great course, both challenging and pleasant, with a three-task timed station in the pre-start. With two controls voided, four competitors in the Open class were able to solve successfully all the tasks, with the Dutch Mark Heikoop being the fastest in the timed station, thus achieving a tasty victory. Three seconds slower than Heikoop, João Pedro Valente (CPOC) got the second place and Peter Huzan (TVOC) was the third placed, after an unhappy performance in the timed controls.

In the Paralympic class, Alexandre Guedes da Silva (Individual POR) achieved the triumph with 20 points and a comfortable two-point lead over Ricardo Pinto (DAHP), second placed. Miguel Angel Garcia (ADOL) finished in the third position with 17 points. Just two curiosities: The 126 participants in the PreO stage is the biggest number ever registered in a TrailO competition in Portugal; and, Mark Heikoop achieved his second victory in the Portugal O' Meeting, four years after his triumph in Idanha-a-Nova. 


Open Class
1. Mark Heikoop (Aligots) 21 points / 45 seconds
2. João Pedro Valente (CPOC) 21 points / 48 seconds
3. Peter Huzan (TVOC) 21 points / 111 seconds
4. Jorge Valente (CPOC) 21 points / 146 seconds
5. Zoltan Mihaczi (Tipo Orienteering) 20 points / 16 seconds
6. Nuno Rebelo (Ori-Estarreja) 20 points / 18 seconds

Paralympic Class
1. Alexandre Guedes da Silva (Individual POR) 20 points / 87 seconds
2. Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 18 points / 98 seconds
3. Miguel Angel Garcia (ADOL) 17 points / 107 seconds
4. Carlos Riu (COMA) 16 points / 109 seconds
5. Julio Guerra (DAHP) 13 points / 99 seconds
6. José Laiginha Leal (DAHP) 13 points / 180 seconds

Joaquim Margarido

POM 2017: Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli are back to the victories

Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggle were the winners of POM 2017's second stage. Returning to Aldeia da Mata for another beautiful sunny day, both athletes showed why they are the best orienteers ever, leading a really strong start field.

Thierry Gueorgiou (Kalevan Rasti) won the Long Distance stage on the second day of Portugal O' Meeting 2017 . In a quite demanding course, particularly from a physical point a view, the French kept an intense duel with Albin Ridefelt (Ok Linné), finishing with a short nine-second advantage. Gueorgiou spent 1:36:10 in a eighteen-kilometer course, against Ridefelt's 1:36:19. Frederic Tranchand and Olav Lundanes, both from Paimion Rasti, were third and fourth placed with more 2:30 and 3:05, respectively, than Thierry. Andreu Blanes (Colivenc) achieved a great fifth position, finishing his course 4:16 after the winner. In the 45th place, with 1:57:31, Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) was the best Portuguese athlete in the Men Super Elite class.

After a three-year gap, Simone Niggli (OK Ravinen) returned to Portugal and to the victories in the Portugal O' Meeting. Keeping the focus during all race, she was able to be consistent enough to complete the 11.3 km of the race in 1:12:37, the best time today in the Women Elite class. Eva Jurenikova (Halden SK) got the second place with a three-minute disadvantage from Simone. Ida Marie Naess Bjoergul (Paimion Rasti) was third with 1:16:37, Karoliina Sundberg (Lynx) was a surprising fourth placed with 1:19:23 and Lizzie Ingham (Halden SK) finished in the fifth position, 7:24 after the winner. The best Portuguese athete was Mariana Moreira (CPOC) in the 18th position with the time of 1:30:23. As in the Men Super Elite class, the Men Elite class' course had 18.0 km and the fastest was Johan Ek-Larsson (SNO) with the time of 1:54:33. Yesterday's winner, Rafal Podzinski (PNT), got the second place, one minute after Ek-Larsson. Podzinski reinforced his leading position in this class, while Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli are the new leaders of the Men Super Elite class and the Women Elite class, respectively.


Men Super Elite
1. Thierry Gueorgiou (Kalevan Rasti) 1:36:10 (+ 00:00)
2. Albin Ridefelt (OK Linné) 1:36:19 (+ 00:09)
3. Frederic Tranchand (Paimion Rasti) 1:38:40 (+ 02:30)
4. Olav Lundanes (Paimion Rasti) 1:39:15 (+ 03:05)
5. Andreu Blanes (Colivenc) 1:40:16 (+ 04:06)

Women Elite
1. Simone Niggli (OK Tisaren) 1:12:37 (+ 00:00)
2. Eva Jurenikova (Halden SK) 1:15:39 (+ 03:02)
3. Ida Marie Naess Bjoergul (Paimion Rasti) 1:16:37 (+ 04:00)
4. Karoliina Sundberg (Lynx) 1:19:23 (+ 06:46)
5. Lizzie Ingham (Halden SK) 1:20:01 (+ 07:24)

Men Elite
1. Johan Ek-Larsson (SNO) 1:54:33 (+ 00:00)
2. Rafal Podzinski (PNT) 1:55:33 (+ 01:00)
3. Timon Schweizer (Individual SUI) 2:01:58 (+ 07:25)
4. Ken Peeters (OK Linné) 2:03:50 (+ 09:17)
5. Emil Andersson (Ärla IF) 2:04:57 (+ 10:24)

To see the complete results, please visit the event's webpage at

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POM 2017: Martínez and Kadan were the fastest in the Night Sprint

Antonio Martínez and Ursula Kadan won the Night Sprint of POM 2017. Alter do Chão's historical centre and the “dark” Jardim do Álamo hosted a great course attended by over 1,100 competitors.

As usual, the first day of Portugal O' Meeting ended with the Night Sprint party. More than 1,100 competitors headed Alter do Chão, changing the Sprint race into a fast, furious and funny moment. Antonio Martinez (Turun Metsänkävijät) was the fastest in the Men Super Elite class, covering the 3.2 km of his course in 12:22. Ivan Sirakov (Variant5) got the second best time, 9 seconds after Martinez. In the third position, both with 12:33, finished Riccardo Scalet (HS) and Timo Sild (Koovee). The Men Elite class presents another Spanish athlete on top of the final standings. Marc Serralong (Dreamteam) achieved the best time between the sixty finishers with 12:49, sharing the first place with Chris Smithard (OK Pan-Kristianstad). Luis Sanchéz (Villena-O) finished in the third place, 21 seconds after the winner.

In the Women class, Ursula Kadan's great performance meant the first place, finishing the 2.8 km of her course in 11:38. Catherine Taylor (OK Södertörn) got the second place, 8 seconds after Kadan. The third place was achieved by Tereza Janosikova (TSM Hana) with 11:40, while Svetlana Mironova (Koovee) finished fourth, 18 seconds after the winner. Without competitors in the Men Super Elite and Women Elite classes, Portugal's best athlete was Nelson Baroca in the Men Elite class with the time of 16:14 which earned him the 41st position.


Men Super Elite
1. Antonio Martinez (Turun Metsänkävijät) 12:22 (+ 00:00)
2. Ivan Sirakov (Variant5) 12:31 (+ 00:09)
3. Riccardo Scalet (HS) 12:33 (+ 00:11)
3. Timo Sild (Koovee) 12:33 (+ 00:11)
5. Frederic Tranchand (Paimion Rasti) 12:44 (+ 00:22)

Women Elite
1. Ursula Kadan (Austrian Military Team) 11:30 (+ 00:00)
2. Catherine Taylor (OK Södertörn) 11:38 (+ 00:08)
3. Tereza Janoziková (TSM Hana) 11:40 (+ 00:10)
4. Svetlana Mironova (Koovee) 11:48 (+ 00:18)
5. Tessa Strain (IL Tyrving) 12:00 (+ 00:30)

Men Elite
1. Marc Serralonga (Dreamteam) 12:49 (+ 00:00)
1. Chris Smithard (OK Pan-Kristianstad) 12:49 (+ 00:00)
3. Luis Sánchez (Villena-O) 13:10 (+ 00:21)
4. Vladimir Gribin (Individual RUS) 13:24 (+ 00:35)
5. Jakob Andersson (OK Linné) 13:40 (+ 00:51)

Complete results and further information at

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POM 2017: Night Sprint Maps