Saturday, January 21, 2012

Portuguese Orienteering Blog is born

I met Orienteering in February 2007 and, nine months later, the Orientovar came up on blogosphere. Launched with no other ambitions than to help me to know the sport better, the project has extended its range, finishing by transforming itself into what it is today: a blog which is a reference in Portugal and, in a certain way, also in the latin countries, specially in Brazil and Spain.

My slight background forced me into a lot of research. I needed to know more about this sport and the websites of the main portuguese clubs were precious sources of novelty and information. The affection this project has deserved from portuguese orienteers created in me new responsibilities, enlarged by World of O's welcome on Page 2.

Orientovar has grown and made itself noticed. Jan Kocbach encouraged me to write in English, but I always perceived that it should be in Portuguese that Orientovar would spread the news of Orienteering through the 240 millions of people that, in the whole world, speak this language.

Although, more recently, I have been trying to write something in English. With only 14 years old, my daughter Ana has been a perfect company and the ideal teacher in my English incursions. The truth is that, without her, this adventure wouldn't even have begun.

And that's it. Here is the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, the youngest Orientovar's brother and an instrument more to the service of spreading this sport everywhere. I don't do, therefore, any statement of intents. This blog will be whatever the readers want, because... the stories don't mean anything when you've got no one to tell them to.



  1. Hi, I have been visiting your blog. ¡Good luck with your blog! I invite you to visit my blog about literature, philosophy and films:

    Greetings from Santa Marta, Colombia

  2. Holá;

    Was already a daily reader of Orientovar, so I will also visit this new blog.
    I hope that you will be able to achieve the objectives pursued.
    Rui Antunes

  3. Nice Blog my friend! I wish you the best for your Portuguese Orienteering Blog.
    I hope for a bright future, wishing that this blog will cover everything about worldwide orienteering.

    José Grada

  4. Helo Margarido!

    WOW... You never stop to amaze me.
    I wish you all the best luck with your new POB project!


    Luis Sergio

  5. Joaquim,

    Congratulations for this new project and courage for another accumulated responsability.

    I'm sure you and Ana will be great carriers of our news accross portuguese language borders. I can't wait to see the fist post when you write about her fist victory! :) We're waiting to see her more often in the forest :)

    I'll be following close here. Thank you.

    Paulo Franco.

  6. Dear Margarido

    Congratulations for another excelent project.

    Thank you for the contribution to the orienteering.

    Good luck.

    Daniel Pó

  7. Congratulations Margarido, It´s not easy to write in a foreign language

    Best wishes for you and for the blog,

  8. Hi, Joaquim,
    Congratulations! That's the right way. Your blogs have been an special place where we can read and learn more and more about orienteering.
    Best regards from Brazil.