Saturday, February 18, 2012

Portugal O' Meeting 2012: First day's impressions

At the end of Portugal O' Meeting 2012's first stage, Portuguese Orienteering Bolg talked with some of the athletes, asking their opinions. There you are a few impressions of a Long Distance challenging and demanding and what can we expect for the next days.

It was a very hard race, I think. We trained in a terrain near the beach yesterday, so today it wasn't easy. The maps were really good, but my performance was not that good. For the rest of the days, I hope to do a good race on Monday.

Venla Niemi, Finland

I felt good, I felt better than in the first race of the cup in Arronches. Making a better race tecnically and physically was already very positive. Although this terrain is very different and obligates to do a slower race, I felt good. I liked the map very much. The forrest is closed, but it's very nice running over there. The cartographer made it to simplify the map a lot, but at the same time he had an uniform criteria and it was easy for me reading the map. I hope the next days are even better.

Alexandre Alvarez, Portugal

I enjoyed today's race a lot, but I thought it would have more green areas. Perhaps the part of the map where the was the burnt forrest was not that pleasant, but I liked it very much. I think I ran at a good speed, so it is not surprising that I am an elite runner. For me it was really good to know I can run seventy minutes at a good speed. I won't run on monday because I'm going home earlier. I have already been here for one here on training camp, so it was already good enough to be here and run these days, until tomorrow.

Fabian Hertner, Switzerland

The race went really well. I made two small mistakes, but I'm very happy. I think tat the map was very well drawn, since it represents the reality of the terrains. The POM's organization is always awesome. I think that in Spain we have a lot to learn with you. About the next days, I hope to enjoy the races just like it happened today, leave happy about my technique and the orienteering I do.

Annabel Valledor, Spain

I had some problems last week, I was a little bit seek and I also had an injury and today was a bit special, just to be concentrated in orienteering. It runned quite okay, only one big big mistake and maybe two small ones and I' m satisfied. The map is very different in several places than we have here around the beach, but the butterfly area was really nice to run. Now I have to leave and the Portugal O' Meeting is over for me.

Matthias Merz, Switzerland

It was really nice. An interesting terrain and a nice forest, that was what I expected. I'm not in a good shape, a couple of months ago I was injured and I start to training again ten days ago so, I didn't expect a really good result today, and I took it just like a train. For the rest of Portugal O' Meeting, I'll try to get as best result as possible on the world ranking event. And than we'll see. Just a good training camp, no snow, a fantastic sun...

Oleksandr Kratov, Ukraine

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Joaquim Margarido

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