Monday, February 20, 2012

Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Options / Impressions of Philippe Adamski and Lina Strand

Once again, Portuguese Orienteering Blog talked with another two athletes, searching about their Middle Distance races of Portugal O' Meeting's second day. Here you can find the opinions of Philippe Adamski and Lina Strand, as well as their maps and route choices.

It's really something very different from what we usually find. It's very interesting to understand this huge variety of terrains in Portugal and in this particular case, terrains where it's hard to run and in the middle of the forest, which makes them particularly enjoyable.

The courses are also very interesting, very well made, ideal for a Middle Distance race and with lots of route choices. I think that's where I lost some time. It is not easy to run in these terrains and make simultaneously a good map reading. On the other hand, is the first time I run maps drawn by Tiago Aires and he did a good job.He is a new cartographer and we need to get used to his style of cartography.

As for the next days, I think we will have even better terrains, with some open areas and I am really impatient to run in Sátão. In the race scoring for the world ranking, I will try to apply what I worked this winter and then we'll see the result.

I think the Portugal O 'Meeting is a competition where everyone must be present. The format of the races, the maps and the organization are of a high level. But also the quality of the present athletes, that is why this race is so sought after. It is an unavoidable "rendez-vous" at this time of the season. And then there's this weather, this sun."

Philippe Adamski, France

It was a nice and tricky course. And it was really tough to run and to find the right controls. Often I found the points really good but I lost some time on my way to the points. First, I didn't see the tunnel under the highway and then I get stuck in some really big cliffs, I passed in the wrong way.

Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied. I was really tired since yesterday, so I didn't run full speed today but
I hope to do it tomorrow.

Even yesterday and today, the cartographer and the course setter they did a good job. They were two good races, you must be focused all the way.

My main goal for this competition is the race of world ranking event. We have to go home on Tuesday, so I have been focused more on the WRE, but we're been training now for one week and we start to be tired in our bodies. I like Middle Distance and I hope is going to be really tricky. That will be good to me.”

Lina Strand, Sweden

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