Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Options / Impressions of the WRE

I’m very pleased with my race. When I looked at the map, I understood it was a fantastic terrain and I tried to do a good race. I tried to be always focused, reading the map frequently and it was a clean race with only a few hesitations.

It is great running here in these terrains, probably the best in Portugal. These are fast and technical terrains, although the low visibility in the forest.

The Portugal O’Meeting has a level of organization just as a World Championship and with all the World best runners. It will be a pleasure to be back because terrains like these are always enjoyable.”

Thierry Gueorgiou, France (1st position, M21SE)

I didn't expect to win the race. I felt good, I did a nice start, had a good flow on the running and the orienteering but a few controls before passing the Arena I caught the runner that left before me and got overconfident and made a small mistake. On the last part of the race, I knew that Simone Niggli did a mistake and I tried to keep focused till the end and I did it.

My goal is to qualify to the Swedish team on this year’s World Championship. I’m betting on the Middle Distance, and winning it here gives me confidence for the future. I leave Portugal very happy.”

Lina Strand, Sweden (1st position, W21E)

The race was really nice, excellent terrains and very challenging. My race wasn't really good, specially in the beginning. I missed at the 2nd control one minute almost, but then I had a good flow, just on the last loop I made another small mistake, but the rest was really good. So I'm happy with the second place but, of course, I wanted to try to beat Gueorgiou.

In my preparation I'm doing everything to be ready for the World Championships and, of course, my goal is to win a gold medal in Switzerland.

Portugal is a really nice country for Orienteering. This time has been just perfect. All time we had a great weather and nice terrains, terrains so different from area to area, so it's really nice to make training camps and competitions here.”

Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland (2nd position, M21SE)

After the race I knew that I made a quite big mistake, about two and a half minutes, so I knew that someone could be better, but I'm satisfied with the other part of the race. Really beautiful and demanding terrains, very technical, you must be concentrated all the way. I really enjoyed it.

It was really worst for a world ranking event. Good map, good routes, the course setter did a good job.

This is a good opening of the season, specially for me after the break last year. So I have to see how I am in relation to the other competitors, and so I know that I had a good winter training a good shape. My main goal are the World Championships, I hope to be in the match for the medals and, of course, it could be a special one in Switzerland, with a lot of people... I'm really looking for it.”

Simone Niggli, Switzerland (2nd position, W21E)

It was, actually, a quite good race. Today everything it was excellent, a great terrain, a great map, a really Midlle Distance course, yeah, I liked it very much.

I don't think I can get the first place at the Portugal O' Meeting. My main goal for the saison it's, of course, the WOC in Switzerland, and I hope to win medals, so we'll see if I can challenging Thierry [Gueorgiou] or Daniel [Hubmann]. I'll try to recover my Long Distance title but it's a hard game. So, we'll see.”

Olav Lundanes, Norway (3rd position, M21SE)

I'm happy with the third position. I can control de race of the others. For me it was totally okay, some small mistakes, but it was really tricky.

It was tough, both physically and technically. We don't have terrains like this in Sweden. It's very rare for us, it's hard to get into it in the beginning. But I like because you have to be concentrated all the time. You don't have time to think about mistakes, you just continue.

I had good races and bad races. I think it's positive for me right now and I haven't think a lot of how I can do make it better and improve. It's a good season opening, yes.”

Lena Eliasson, Sweden (3rd position W21E)

All information about Portugal O' Meeting 2012 at http://www.pom.pt/en/ or here, at your Portuguese Orienteering Blog.

Joaquim Margarido

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