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XIII MOC - WRE 2012: Thierry Gueorgiou and Linnea Gustafsson took the victory

Full stop on the Orienteering Meeting of Centro - WRE 2012. On the second day of races, Thierry Gueorgiou and Linnea Gustafsson proved to be the best, joining to the stage victory the conquest of the respective trophies.

The 13th edition of Orienteering Meeting of Centro - WRE 2012 came to an end and, with it, the golden period of the winter races in Portugal and that this year, in all three events played here - Arronches, Viseu / Sátão and Marinha Grande - brought to our country a number of foreigners over two thousand. In Pinhal do Rei, this weekend, that number exceeded 600 athletes, mainly from the Nordic countries, to which we must add considerably as many Portuguese.

The decisive stage of the XIII MOC, wandered again through the green and fragrant forests of Marinha Grande, showing once again that Pinhal do Rei is one of the “sanctuaries” of Orienteering in Portugal. A Middle Distance race that required the international quality standards, demanded speed and accuracy to athletes seeking the best possible result. Thierry Gueorgiou (Kalevan Rasti) showed why he is the leader of the world rankings and, avenging a worst performance the day before, he won this stage, fulfilling his course of 7.3 km in 33:53. With more 0:57 and 1:11, respectively, Anders Nordberg (Vaajakosken Tëra) and David Andersson (Malungs OK) achieved the immediate positions.

Tiago Aires and Raquel Costa, the best Portuguese

In the women, the winner of the first stage, Linnea Gustafsson (OK Hallen), was today the strongest again, winning with a time of 36:49 for a distance of 6.4 km. Behind her were Lena Eliasson (Domnarvets GoIF) and Venla Niemi (Tampereen Pyrinto), with records of 38:09 and 39:06, respectively. Among the Portuguese, Manuel Horta and Joana Costa of GafanhOri and GD4C respectively, were the strongest, relegating for the second position Tiago Leal (GafanhOri) and Raquel Costa (GafanhOri), respectively.

Accounts made to the sum of two stages, Thierry Gueorgiou and Linnea Gustafsson were the big winners of the XIII Orienteering Meeting of Centro. Olav Lundanes and Anders Nordberg, in Men Elite, and Lena Eliasson and Venla Niemi, in Women, occupied by this order the immediate places on the podium. As for the Portuguese, Tiago Aires and Raquel Costa ended up being the best, ranking in the final standings to the 22nd and 23rd positions, respectively.

Portugal is the best place in the world on winter”

For Thierry Gueorgiou, "these two days were very different from what we had at the Portugal O' Meeting. The terrains are much faster and I tried to run as quickly as possible. I ended up making too many mistakes on both days, which makes me less happy than the last week.” Revealing that he feels good physically, the “Flying Frenchman” admits that the problem lies in the ability to concentrate and how to allie the technical part and the race pace. But his satisfaction is undeniable: "It is always very important to run fast on terrains like these. It's kind of different orienteering because it puts us to test the physical limits and, although it is technically easier, makes us commit mistakes quite often due to the speed.” And at the end:" This was the winter I was in Portugal for longer, about two months in total. Not in the immediate future, but next year I am sure that I will come back. Portugal is the best place in the world on winter.”

The National League of Foot Orienteering will return within four weeks, in Adamuz (Cordoba), where the first stage of the XX Iberian Championship 2012 will take place.

All information about XIII Orienteering Meeting of Centro at Some pictures HERE.

Joaquim Margarido

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