Thursday, March 15, 2012

Philippe Adamski: "I like simple things"

It's one of the major names of the moment and an athlete to take account for the big competitions that lie ahead. Philippe Adamski was in Portugal and left the Portuguese Orienteering Blog some important notes.

How did you see the Portugal O' Meeting 2012?

Philippe Adamski (P. A.) - It was, in my opinion, an excellent set of races in exceptional terrains. It was very interesting because it was often necessary to take some time to make the best choice in order to avoid the green.

Failing the first stage of the Portugal O' Meeting 2012, you were automatically out of the fight for the trophy. Does this lack of pressure explain your victory in the final stage?

P. A . - No. The goal is always to be the first to arrive. In this particular case, with the mass start, it was very interesting to be able to maintain some contact with the others. It was fun.

But it's always nice to do better than Thierry Gueorgiou?

P. A . - It is true that my goal is to make a good race, but comparing our performance with Thierry's is always interesting, even if the circumstances in this case were very different. He started with ten minutes of advantage, the challenge in his case was not the same as in our case. But it's always interesting to analyse the route choices.

Thierry Gueorgiou, what does he mean for you?

P. A . - Well, Thierry is the one who shows us the way. He is a model. It's my "Master Yoda." It's amazing how he shares his experiences, how we learn from him. It is truly a pleasure to train with him because it is always a challenge and you can progress together. It is a fortune for the French team that we can have someone like him.

And what about you? Who is Philippe Adamski?

P. A . - I met Orienteering at school, under the Scholar Sports, a dozen years ago. I always tried to evolve, to know my potential, but also going in search of new terrains, traveling around the world. To discover always something else, I think that is what is asked in terms of progression in our sport. And this has given me immense experiences, all of them very enriching.

And in your spare time, what do you like doing?

P. A . - I like raids, mountain biking, mapping. And I like simple things, bees, for example. I have some skeps and treat them with Amélie Chataing. We take an enormous pleasure to seize together the happiness that is having the same simple tastes and to love the same sport.

One of the things that you appreciate the most in Orienteering, as I can see, is the cartography. Do you want to tell me a little bit about that passion?

P. A . - Discovering new types of maps, map routes... the challenge is very intense. There are so many new discoveries, there is so much to learn, that it turns out to be a very interesting way to improve.

You have been training in the Norte Alentejo, competing in the mountains, knowing the coastal region... Is Portugal a paradise for orienteers?

P. A . - Yes. At the winter, Portugal is a super destination. Especially with these new terrains that we could experience here in the Portugal O' Meeting, I feel an urge to get back to be able to train here, to explore the terrains that have been offered to us and to get from them new and greater benefits.

Speaking of the great competitions to come and, of course, in the Relay of the World Championships, I have a natural question for you: Are we going to see the French team revalidate the title in Switzerland?

P. A . - We are properly preparing ourselves and we hope to be able to rise to defend the title when the time comes. Us three, we are a team and it's as a team that we must be prepared. In this process we can count also with the Finnish club Kalevan Rasti, as it is with Kalevan Rasti we are subjected to enormous pressure in the great relays, like Tiomila and Jukola.

And individually, what are your goals?

P. A . - Well, I would like to do a race at my level. That's why I'm working at the level of training on a daily basis. I would like to continue progressing and achieve a good place in the World Championships.

Will you return to Portugal?

P. A . - Next year, surely. This year it's the third time that I'm in Portugal and now follows a quiet period in Sweden. But I intend to come to Portugal every year.

Joaquim Margarido

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