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XX CPOC Orienteering Trophy: A big party in the heart of Lisbon

The 19th of May is being prepared to became a party of Orienteering. Precisely on that date, CPOC – Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida is committed to harness the best that Lisbon has to offer, with what many consider to be its strongest point: Orienteering on the urban environment, particularly in the discipline of Sprint. This is the starting point to, with the help of Luís Santos, know more closely the program of the XX CPOC Orienteering Trophy.

Welcome to the XX
 CPOC Orienteering Trophy! This is an event included in the Portuguese National Cup 2012, with a course belonging to the National Scholar Sports Championships and the fourth stage of the Trail-Orienteering National Cup. CPOC’s main goal is to provide all athletes with the best challenges that the city has to offer on the discipline of Sprint, in two stages: one in the morning, with the technical challenges of a "downhill" that will lead participants through the streets of Alfama, from Castelo de São Jorge to Praça do Comércio. Later in the afternoon, Parque Eduardo VII, with the expanded Amalia Rodrigues garden, will be the stage of all emotions.

Luís Santos, President of CPOC and the main “course setter” of this 20
th CPOC Orienteering Trophy, recalls that "there weren’t any events of the National Cup in Lisbon since CDCE organized a one day event in Monsanto, on the remote year of 2002. Also the map of Alfama was only used in local events, particularly in BaixAnima, leaving good memories to who participated, such as the map of Parque Eduardo VII. For this reason, although they are emblematic places of the city and country, they are also practically unknown to the general orienteers and promises delightful surprises. These maps, however, "are now posted on the website of the event, so that everyone is on equal terms", says Luís Santos.

A well-oriented day

Revealing a bit of what is the
“script” of the 20th CPOC Orienteering Trophy, Luis Santos explains that "everything will start in a very special place which is Castelo de São Jorge" and leaves an important advice related to the mandatory use of the bib: "Federated athletes may go directly to the Castle, where they will receive their bibs, while non federated will have to collect the bib at the Arena (Praça do Comércio)". As for the best places to park, the ideal is the area of Campo das Cebolas, especially due to its proximity to the Arena and Arrival. "To those who are worried about the distance to the Castle, although it is always up, Praça do Comércio is less than 1000 meters away from the entrance of Castelo de São Jorge," explains Luis Santos.

Portuguese Orienteering Blog knows that the Praça de Armas is the only place allowed to move freely inside the Castle, because the remaining space will be used in all the courses, an initiative coordinated with EGEAC, the managing entity of the space. As the arrival will be at Praça do Comércio, all courses will include authentic circuits of "downhill" through the streets of Alfama, with the arrivals area installed in the symbolic Praça do Comércio. In the afternoon, as stated above, the Orienteering caravan moves to Parque Eduardo VII. Again, Luís Santos suggests parking "in the various locations indicated on the website of the event, in the north of the park, where we will install the Arena." Starting at 16 p.m., the emphasis will be placed in a totally different map and the show will prevail in a little-known but immensely beautiful garden in Lisbon, Jardim Amália Rodrigues.

Trail-Orienteering is also part of the party

The event will also have a course included in the fourth stage of the Trail-Orienteering National Cup, starting at 15 p.m. Despite being dedicated to people with reduced mobility, moving in a wheelchair, the event is open to all athletes and contains surprises certainly very interesting. Among these surprises, everyone will discover a method for inclusive excellence in which, though unique in their differences, all orienteerers are equal. In a race where the presence of DAHP - Center for Adapted Sports of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
 Service from Hospital da Prelada is already a certainty, the organization's ability to mobilize the users of the Rehabilitation Centre of Alcoitão can make all the difference, making this an unforgettable journey to the Adapted Sports in Portugal. In addition, Luís Santos also confesses that one of his greatest joys would be "to see many of the participants at the main event also participating in this initiative."

Finally, a last minute new is the fact that 20
th CPOC Orienteering Trophy includes the National Scholar Sports Championships 2012. Luís Santos added that "in parallel, we are finalizing the agreement with the responsible of the National School Sports Championships to gather the events, with two additional races that will take place the next day (Sunday) in Monsanto."

Come out and have fun!

We would like to add also that the event is open to everybody, with a service of baby-sitting and
technicians available in the start area for introductory Orienteering briefings. All event information can be found on There, you will also find a short presentation video of XX CPOC Orienteering Trophy, whose viewing is strongly recommended. In the meanwhile, take a look on this film and enjoy the charm of Lisbon.

Lisboa, from Figen Kurt on Vimeo

[Translated by Luís Santos and Ana Porta-Nova]

Joaquim Margarido

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