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2012 Year in Review: The 20 most popular!

On this last day of the year, we look to the 78 messages posted within the Portuguese Orienteering Blog in its first year of life. Athletes, organizations and events looked by our eyes, in the 20 most viewed. A time to remember!

1. Emily Kemp: “I take advantage of every opportunity...”
Small in stature, huge in want, Emily Kemp headed to France searching for the dream. Today she is already a safe value in this world of Orienteering and the future opens up before her, wide and promising. About herself and his career, she spoke with enthusiasm to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. Et voilá! [more...]

2. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Annika Billstam and Thie..
Thierry Gueorgiou and Annika Billstam arrived together at the Event Center in Viseu. With their usual kindness and disponibility, they agreed to speak to Portuguese Orienteering Blog. An interview made by maps and terrains of top quality, an excellent organization and a great desire to confirm their favoritism and win the Portugal O 'Meeting 2012. [more...]

3. Edgars Bertuks: “I am my own idol”
When, at the end of the year, Jan Kobach's “World of O” launches a new edition of "The Orienteering Achievement of ...", Edgars Bertuks – I am sure! - will be the leading candidate to the victory. Two medals, one of them of gold, at the recent WOC 2012, did fall the spotlights on this Latvian born in Aluksne, on the first day of 1985. Here and now he speaks to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, telling us a little about himself and this dream that he's living. [more...]

4. Thierry Gueorgiou: “There are no limits to dream”
Thierry Gueorgiou doesn't need an introduction. At the aftermath of his recent victory at the Portugal O' Meeting 2012, the Portuguese Orienteering Blog spoke to him. Here you are the result of this conversation, getting to know a little better the man and the athlete. [more...]

5. Philippe Adamski: “I like simple things”
It's one of the major names of the moment and an athlete to take account for the big competitions that lie ahead. Philippe Adamski was in Portugal and left the Portuguese Orienteering Blog some important notes. [more...]

6. Jan Kocbach: “I do what is fun”
Jan Kocbach is in Portugal and the Portuguese Orienteering Blog went to meet him. From a very pleasant conversation in the crowded and noisy Arena of the XIII Orienteering Meeting of Centro, at the King's Forest (Marinha Grande), here you are, broadly speaking, the highest points. [more...]

7. Eva Jurenikova: “I want to go forward in this coac...”
Eva Jurenikova was recently in Portugal and the Portuguese Orienteering Blog found her at Oporto City Park, doing... Trail Orienteering. In this Interview, she describes the last few months, speaks of the new challenges ahead the Halden SK and projects the next season. And she also talks about Portugal and Trail-O. [more...]

8. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: The courses of the winne...
Thierry Georgiou and Simone Niggli were the winners of the first stage of Portugal O' Meeting 2012. We can see now the options on their maps and also some comments about the races. [more...]

9. Oleksandr Kratov: “To win a medal in Switzerland i...”
One year later, the winner of the last edition of Portugal O’ Meeting returns to Portugal. Portuguese Orienteering Blog talked to Oleksandr Kratov at Quinta dos Ribeiros, in Alpalhão (Nisa, North Alentejo), and here you are the most significant moments of a pleasant interview. [more...]

10. Eva Jurenikova: “Like Training in Paradise”
She left behind the freezing forests of Scandinavia and surrended to the beautiful green of Norte Alentejo. It was like a dream. Eva Jurenikova spent a few days in Portugal and the Portuguese Orienteering Blog spoke to her. Behind a fragile appearance and an almost whispered voice hides a person with an enormous inner strength and an orienteer who lives and feels the sport like few. [more...]

11. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Options / Impressions of...
I’m very pleased with my race. When I looked at the map, I understood it was a fantastic terrain and I tried to do a good race. I tried to be always focused, reading the map frequently and it was a clean race with only a few hesitations. [more...]

12. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Options / Impressions of...
Once again, Portuguese Orienteering Blog talked with another two athletes, searching about their Middle Distance races of Portugal O' Meeting's second day. Here you can find the opinions of Philippe Adamski and Lina Strand, as well as their maps and route choices. [more...]

13. Matthias Kyburz: “A day full of smiles”
Now that the 2012 elite season is over, it is still a surprise to many to see the name of Matthias Kyburz appear at the top of the IOF World Rankings. The current best sprinter in the world talks about his orienteering life, reflects on the season just ended and tells of his hopes for the future. [more...]

14. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: The party is here!
The 17th edition of Portugal O’Meeting is about to begin. From tomorrow on, the municipalities of Viseu and Sátão will host the biggest regular competition of Foot Orienteering in Portugal. Really close to the big Orienteering party, now is the time to check the last news from the event. [more...]

15. XIII MOC - WRE 2012: Nordic victories at Marinha G...
Near the beginning of the second stage of the XIII Orienteering Meeting of Centro, in Marinha Grande, we take a look at the Long Distance race, that was held yesterday. Counting to the WRE, it tested both physical and technical capabilities of near 1200 participants, and saw the Norwegian Olav Lundanes and the Swedish Linnea Gustafsson take the victory. [more...]

16. Emily Benham: “I just got it right on the day”
She opened her participation in the WOC MTBO 2012 with a historic result. Emily Benham, our guest today, tells us about this sport so special, setting its challenges and drawing some future projects. And she also talks about a silver medal that, finally, did not represent more than “a job well done.” [more...]

17. Matt Ogden: “Euphoria!”
Thursday, July the 12th 2012. In the forests of Izra, Matt Ogden gave to New Zealand its first gold medal in a Junior World Orienteering Championship ever. Two months later, he is the Portuguese Orienteering Blog's guest of honour. Still living in a state of euphoria, here he's willing to share memories, dreams and projects in a simple, direct way, enabling to know better the athlete and person. [more...]

18. XIII MOC - WRE 2012: Thierry Gueorgiou and Linnea ...
Full stop on the Orienteering Meeting of Centro - WRE 2012. On the second day of races, Thierry Gueorgiou and Linnea Gustafsson proved to be the best, joining to the stage victory the conquest of the respective trophies. [more...]

19. Portugal O' Meeting 2012: Thierry Gueorgiou and Si...
What a great atmosphere at the end of Portugal O' Meeting 2012! Almost two thousand participants celebrated around the Sanctuary of Sr. dos Caminhos, in Sátão, applauding Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli, the winners of the event. [more...]

20. Simone Niggli: “I knew that I can be the best”
After a long period of absence, Simone Niggli is back to competition. The recent victory at the Portugal O' Meeting shows that the athlete is in the best ways to recover the World sceptre. With her eyes on the future, here are the statements of an excellent athlete and, above all, an excellent person. [more...]

Joaquim Margarido

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