Tuesday, February 05, 2013

NAOM 2013: David Andersson and Amélie Chataing win in Portugal

Opening a suite of three major portuguese events counting for the world rankings, the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2013 returned to Nisa for a weekend of Orienteering at the highest level. Tightly fought, the two stages had in David Andersson and Amélie Chataing the big winners.

The Norte Alentejano O' Meeting returned to Nisa, where it was born in 2007. Organized by the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos and the Municipality of Nisa, the event was the start of the National Portuguese Cup of Foot-O 2013, comprising two stages, the last of which counting for the world rankings. The eight hundred participants will not have given their time for misused and could enjoy good maps, very fast terrains with some technical complexity and, also important, a springlike weather with deep blue sky and the sun filling of colors the magnificent landscapes of the Alentejo.

The Middle Distance race of the first day gave the oportunity to see an excellent range of results, among which stands out David Andersson (Malungs OK), winner with the excellent time of 29:48, leaving the second placed, Vojtech Král (IFK Mora), at 51 seconds. To the Swedish athlete, «I really like doing Orienteering in this region. Technically, I felt well during the whole race, but the hard ground was really good to push all the way and after 50% of the course I got quite tired and I tried to slow down a little bit, so I could push hard again in the end.»

In the crucial race, a WRE Middle Distance, Andersson was again on top, finishing in the second place with a time of 29:19, just two seconds after the winner, the French Philippe Adamski (Kalevan Rasti). Recognizing that this race was «less technical than the previous», Andersson was a happy man at the end: «It's always nice to win and this victory means that I had a really good winter training and now I can feel calm for the next months and to continue with my preparation.» Also Philippe Adamski was pleased with his performance: «I'm very happy about the race today. Great terrains, inviting to run very fast, where I could apply a little of what I worked on this winter. I took a little advantage after to join some other runners but in the end I felt very nervous, I lost my concentration and made some little mistakes. It was very nice.»

The 'flying Danish'

In the Women Elite class, the story repeated itself. Amélie Chataing (Kalevan Rasti) won conclusively the first stage, noting at the end 30:10 against 30:47 of Anastasia Tikhonova, second placed. In the last race, the victory smiled to the 'flying Danish' Maja Möller Alm, with the fantastic time of 26:20. But the second position of Amélie Chataing, within 52 seconds of the winner, was enough to ensure the victory in this seventh edition of the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting.

Beginning by noting that «being so cold in Denmark, it's really great to be here», Maja Möller Alm added, regarding her race: "It was an excellent race for me. I felt good throughout the race, ran at full speed and without mistakes and am, therefore, really delighted with this result. Amélie Chataing also did not hide the satisfaction in writing for the first time her name on the Table of Honour of the event: «I'm very happy for the victory in all the two days of competition, despite the absence of the Danish team on the first day. These events give us the opportunity to check how the winter season is going and I am very satisfied with my performance on both days.»

Orienteering crosses now the Tagus River to the north, settling next weekend in Idanha-a-Nova. It's the Portugal O 'Meeting, the largest national Foot-O event in all its strenght, promising four days of the highest emotions. Everything on track at http://www.gd4caminhos.com/naom2013-main/naom2013 and http://www.pom.pt/pt/.

Joaquim Margarido

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