Tuesday, June 04, 2013

2nd ITT Game: Time for TempO

Internet TempO Game's second edition is close to the end. A time of sharing unavoidable for TrailO lovers and a precious opportunity for all who feel the curiosity to see how these things can result in a very simple way: quietly sitting in front of your PC.

It's called trailo.it and is a reference on Trail Orienteering in Italy and all over the world. Thanks to a huge commitment to this sport and a passion of sharing everything that may be important or useful, Marco Giovannini assured a place of honor between those who hardly work for the promotion and dissemination of this fantastic discipline.

But if the news, rules, competitions and artists constitute recurring theme and dominate the site's daily spotlight, it needed a meeting point where to join interests and wills around an healthy debate of ideas. It thus appears the first Internet TempO Game, competition online that joined the vast majority of the best world trailorienteers. If we say that there were nine Finnish at the Top12 and the winner was Lauri Kontkanen, we can realize the interest and importance of the initiative.

Well, after the success of the first edition of Internet TempO Game, Marco Giovannini forward the second edition last 28th of May. The game has been online these days and registers, until now, a total of 58 participants from 14 countries, including Portugal. The course, if we can call it, is spread over 11 stations with five challenges each. Altogether there are 55 problems, to which you have to answer as quickly as possible and so right. In this symbiosis between speed and understanding, with a good deal of strategy, lives the secret of a good result. Good result at the moment is put in 801 seconds and is owned by the Norwegian Martin Jullum (on the photo), followed by the Finnish Pinja Makinen and the Swedish Marit Wiksell, with 975 and 995 seconds respectively. As for the Portuguese, both occupy a nice place in the first half of the table, with Nuno Pires registering 1243 seconds in the 24th place and Joaquim Margarido a takedown with 33 more seconds at the 26th position.

The trophy ends today, so now you only have a couple of hours to launch this true adventure. To do so, simply ensure that you have twenty little minutes of your time, register at http://www.trailo.it/presentazione2ITT.asp and then just play. If you do not get them done in time, do not give up and satisfy your curiosity of these 42 challenges, there all the time at your disposal. Good luck!

[Photo from Martin Jullum Facebook's page, at https://www.facebook.com/martin.jullum?fref=ts]

Joaquim Margarido

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