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EMTBOC 2013: Portuguese modesty in the farewell to Zamosc

Behind the expectations. Thus Portugal concluded its presence in the sixth edition of the European MTB orienteering Championships, that take place in Poland until tomorrow. The results of the Portuguese team in the Long Distance race proved somewhat modest, with João Ferreira being our best athlete. As for gold, it was to the chest of the Finnish Jussi Laurila and the Swedish Cecilia Thomasson.

Raced this morning in Krasnobród, next to the Event Centre of the European MTB orienteering Championships 2013, the Long Distance course was the last act of the Portuguese representation by lands of Poland. A farewell something forsaken and behind the expectations, particularly respecting to Davide Machado in which the National Technical Director, Daniel Marques, bet for a place in the top six. Finishing in the 26th place with a record of 1:57:00, João Ferreira turned out to be our best representative. Davide Machado placed in the immediate position over 1:03 that his teammate and Carlos Simões closed the trio in the 29th place with a record of 2:00:31. Participated in the race only 44 athletes of the 53 initially set.

Today Davide had physical problems, he felt sick to her stomach and was quite conditioning”, began by noting Marques. He continues: “Carlos and João did much of the course together, went very well at the spectators' point, but at the end of the race Carlos had physical problems (cramps) and João lost more than three minutes in a control point. However João was our best athlete today and the 26th place corresponds to the best result Portuguese ever in the Long Distance in the European Championships.” And make a final assessment in what was, from his point of view, the participation of the three Portuguese athletes in the Europeans of Zamosc: “Although the results were below my expectations, I'm glad that all athletes get a score in the first half of the table. Portugal got two of the four goals that I set for this tournament. The 7th place of Davide Machado (top-8) and the 14th place of Carlos Simões (first third of classification) in the Middle Distance were our highest moment. The objective of a top-6 in the Relay eventually not materialized due to bad luck and mechanical problems, and João Ferreira couldn't get the first third of the table. Altogether, the results are satisfactory and give me good signs for the World Championships which will be played in Estonia between 24th and 31th August.”

Jussi Laurila's “tri”

Looking now at the top positions in the Elite Men class, the highlight goes to the Finnish Jussi Laurila, join to the titles already achieved in these Europeans (Sprint and Relay), a new gold medal in what is almost universally considered the “queen race” of any major competition. With output system "Mass Start", Laurila had a full supply of regularity, strength and intelligence, controlling the race almost from its beginning and ending with the time of 1:37:02. In the second position we can see another of the great figures of the Europeans, the Russian Valerii Glukhov with over 2:29 than Laurila, while the Czech Jiri Hradil was third in 4:11 behind the winner. Anton Foliforov (Russia) reached the fourth position, while the Czech Republic has placed three athletes in the immediate positions: Frantisek Bogar, Vojtech Stransky and Jan Svoboda, respectively 5th, 6th and 7th placed. Ruslan Gritsan (Russia), the current World Champion in the Long Distance, takedown by the 9th position with more 6:47 than Jussi Laurila.

In the women's sector, the victory of the Swedish Thomasson Cecilia can only be a surprise to those who are inattentive. The athlete had already shown highest level performances in these European Championships, winning the silver medal in the Middle Distance, and confirming the good shape with a 5th place in yesterday's Sprint. Today, Thomasson put in evidence the "guts" of the true champions, achieving a remarkable triumph in the time of 1:15:10 and offering to Sweden its first major international title in this emotive and fascinating discipline. In second place was ranked the Danish Camilla Søgaard, she who also is a rising star in the MTB orienteering world, only 48 seconds afetr her opponent. The third place went to the Switzerland Maja Rothweiler with the record of 77:25. Olga Vinogradova (Russia) finished fourth in 2:34 over the winner, while the best Finnish athlete was Stengard Ingrid in the 5th position, 2:41 beyond Thomasson.

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