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Valeriy Glukhov: "I wasn't expecting such good results!"

With a second place on the Long Distance, Valeriy Glukhov finished at the highest level his presence in the European MTB orienteering Championships 2013. A presence marked by two silver medals and one gold, turning him into one of the men of the moment.

About to turn 25 years old, Valeriy Glukhov became the star of the very strong Russian team in the European MTB orienteering Championships, that came to the end today in Zamosc, Poland. Opening his participation with a 7th position in the Sprint race, the Russian would reach the European Middle Distance's title on the second day of the competition. After that, he could win two silver medals, the first one with the Russian Relay and the other in the Long Distance course.

Analyzing his participation in the European Championships, Glukhov starts by the Sprint distance. He confess: “I had a good orienteering, without mistakes. But my speed wasn't higher than it should be and it wasn't good enough to achieve a better result.”


Better result that would appear on second day, at the Middle Distance race: “Two mistakes on the 4th and the 6th controls made me lose about two minutes. After that, I realized that if I wanted to be among the best, I should ride as fast as I could. I was lucky - on the last part of the race I didn't find problems with my orienteering and I caught the Czech, Portuguese and Finnish athletes. But, anyway, I'm still surprised to know that I finished with the best result. And I'm very happy, of course, because we are talking about my first individual victory on a high-level competition.”

About the Relay, Glukhov notes “positive and negative moments.” He explains: “Each one of us tried to ride carefully and each one of us did some small mistakes. So, at the end, we get the second place.” Finally, the Long Distance: “It was a very difficult race because it was too hot for me and my legs were heavy. I did a lot of mistakes on the first part of the race. I think that one of the reasons were the big uphills in that part of the course because, after that, I did no mistakes. In fact, on the second loop, I concentrated myself and I did my best. And I'm so glad that it allowed me to get the silver medal.” The final results - one gold and two silver medals - led him to ensure that “it is amazing and I wasn't expecting such good results!” About the next goals, Valeriy appears to be parsimonious on his words: “I have a new training system this year and we'll see... I'll try to reach a good performance at the World MTB orienteering Championships next August.” And a few words more: In my opinion, this Championships' distances required very good both orienteering and physical skills, but mainly the technical ones. I like when the result is determined by orienteering but not by mountain bike race. But I also think that EOC's organizers have something to improve, and I hope that the next MTBO WOC in Bialystok [2014] will be held on a high level.

A successful career

We would like to remember that Valeriy Glukhov premiered in European MTB orienteering Championships with a 6th place in the Middle Distance race that opened the competition in North Zealand (Denmark, 2009). Before that, the athlete has represented the Russian national team for the first time in the World Championships in 2007, in Nove Mesto na Morave (Czech Republic), reaching the 19th place in the Middle Distance. So far, the best individual result achieved by Valeriy Glukhov in European Championships or World Championships was the 5th position (Middle Distance WOC 2010, Portugal; Sprint WOC 2011, Italy; and Sprint EOC 2011, Russia), despite the world title achieved at the World Championships' Relay in Portugal (2010), alongside Ruslan Gritsan and Anton Foliforov.

Glukhov is currently the 11th in the IOF's World Ranking, 25 points above the 10th placed, Davide Machado (Portugal). As for the World Cup 2013, he follows in the second position, immediately behind the Finnish Jussi Laurila. In seven years of participation on highest level, the athlete registers in its private account 41 events. See the full record of results in

[Photo courtesy by Valeriy Glukhov]

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