Friday, July 05, 2013

Florian Schneider: "It will takes some time to understand what really happened..."

I would like to describe the feeling of being World Champion, but I can't really do it...” 
What a wonderful way to express the emotion of being on the highest place of the podium. After the silver medal on Long Distance last Monday, Florian Schneider was today even happier.

After the silver medal last Monday, Florian Schneider said to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog that “it's tricky to refocus on the next races but I think I'm nervous enough thaz I can fight for some other good places...” Today, we could realize quite well what he meant by those words. But let him to explain: “After my silver medal I had some problems to focus on Middle Distance. Then, after my mistake to the first control, I was really unhappy and I would like to run just a normal race. 
So I told my coach that I will be very happy with a top 10-place...” That's why he planned to start a little bit slowly and then... “run faster and faster when I feel better.”

How was the race? “Before the start I was really nervous and I had the feeling that my legs weren't that fast today - so my coach told me to do some short intervalls - MAYBE the best thing he ever told...
I guess my big + was that I had the energy in the end when you have to run uphill on the stairs... So, there I won a lot of time and, I guess, also the competition!”

I did it!”

Asking Florian if there was a secret to his victory, the answer was immediate: “My little secret is now: You don't have to win for winning a medal - it's more important to do your job and then wait! 
So, I mean, my goal wasn't to win today, it was to do my job. And I did it! It's so crazy for me... I'm really happy with my race and also with the result, of course!”

The words can't hide the excitement: “It's so crazy when your dream comes true... And the feeling on the top of the podium was unspeakable. I was like: Oh my good, I'm a world champion now - not only the one who got a medal (although this is also very crazy)... And I enjoyed a lot that Christoph Meier, from Swiss team, was also there (5th place) together with me!”
A few last words: “I think it will takes some time to understand what really happened... and, until then, I hope that I can do my normal job tomorrow, in Relay, and then... we will see.”

Joaquim Margarido

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