Friday, July 05, 2013

Heidi Mårtensson: "A very special day for me!"

Run, run, run... with a quite high speed, and there you are the receipt of a World Champion. Was in this way that Heidi Mårtensson arrived to the Junior World Sprint title, today, in Hradec Králové.

The race was not perfect, but good!”. Heidi's first words talks about “a few seconds lost in the start, but after that I followed my plan and ran with a quite high speed.” To the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, the athlete confesses that everything could be lost “at the second last post, wher I lost many seconds. I got very confused and nervous because I was so close to the finish. Hopefully I pulled my self together, and could cross the finish line in the lead.”

Then, moments of irrepressible anxiety: “I knew that Lisa Risby would be strong, and I was very nervous while I was waiting for her to come.” But Lisa was disqualified and... “When I knew I was the gold champion, I almost couldn't believe it. It is so huge... A very special day for me!”

And a final look to the JWOC: “I didn't get a very good start at the JWOC, so, of course, it feels great to do something so big and show Norway that it was worth it to let me compete in JWOC :) I really look forward to run the first leg tomorrow for Norway's second team. We'll see if I will get the chance to be on the podium again. I will do my best.”

[Photo: Heidi Mårtensson]

Joaquim Margarido

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