Tuesday, July 02, 2013

JWOC 2013: Impressions

At the end of another competition day, the Portuguese Orienteering Blog recovers Sara Hagström's words about her silver medal on yesterday's Long Distance and shares the opinions of Lucy Butt, Thor Nørskov and Sindre Rønning, winners on the Middle Distance qualification today.

Sara Hagström (Sweden): “I'm pretty confused but extremely happy! A medal was my goal for this week, so it feels so good right now, and to have double Sweden at the podium was extra fun! 
My race was very tough, my legs weren't really answering uphill, but it went good technical with the orienteering. I followed my plan and it turned out very well!”

Sindre Rønning (Norway): “It was quite good. I lost about 45 seconds but I had a nice flow. I knew that it would be enough to qualify, so I didn't push hard. We will wait and see. Tomorrow it's a new competition with new opportunities, but I won't speculate.”

Thor Nørskov (Denmark): “First of all, my performance yesterday on the Long Distance wasn't that good. I had some kind of an off-day, if you could say so. The technical part of my race just wasn't as I wanted to. Therefore my main goal for the qualification today, was to do a solid performance, both technical and physical, and a high-5 from the coach in the Finish (we give a high-5 if we think our performance was good or we get a hug, if it wasn't good). I started out really good and did good until the 7th control. I lost maybe 15-20 seconds because my plan wasn't good enough. Also on the 9th control I did kind of the same mistake. To the 12th control I was really stressed when I came down to a path which I were supposed to just follow, and lost some time being confused of where I hit it.
The last controls were fine too. I got the high-5 as I wanted to, and I'm quite happy with my performance today. I took the time to be sure in my planning and it paid off.
Tomorrow I have the exact same goal; to get a high-5 after my race. But, about the result, the others will decide whether such a performance will be a gold medal or a 15th place.”

Lucy Butt (Great Britain): “My race was technically perfect. I didn't make any mistakes, so I'm really happy with it! Thought I was racing a bit slow (as I was so tired from yesterday) but I think it actually helped me so I didn't run too fast! I would absolutely love to win [tomorrow] but I am trying hard to focus on having another technically perfect race and hoping that will be enough.”

Joaquim Margarido

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