Monday, July 01, 2013

JWOC 2013: Parfianowicz and Schneider say what they feel

Portuguese Orienteering Blog has just received the statements of two of the greatest protagonists of today's JWOC journey and can not resist sharing it with the readers. Let us see what Piotr Parfianowicz and Florian Schneider, gold and silver medallists, have to tell us.

Piotr Parfianowicz (Poland): It's amaizing, I can't believe but it's true. It was a really good race, I made some mistakes, I think maybe two minutes. I knew that this terrain suits me well and I was quite well prepared so my goal was top 6 but not for sure the gold medal. I felt good, everything was almost perfect during the race. I had injury before JWOC, I broke my toe and I couldn't training for more than three weeks, but that is not important now. I'm World Champion and that's important!

Florian Schneider (Switzerland): I'm really happy with my race and my medal. I made a mistake for more than one minute to the 10th control but I don't think I lost the gold medal there - even if I thought that Long Distance isn't my best discipline I'm really happy with my medal. I never thought I could won a medal in Long Distance - although my goal was to get the top 6...
It's tricky to refocus on the next races but I think I'm nervous enough that I can fight for some other good places...
I don't think I can do it again and win a medal like today but I will give my very best... 
It's a great day for me and I hope the week will continue for the whole team like this (4-5 swiss boys on top 20 (21) is just crazy!!

[Photo: Marek Wołowczyk / UNTS Warszawa]

Joaquim Margarido

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