Wednesday, July 03, 2013

JWOC 2013: Nordic dominance on the Middle Distance finals

Repeating the successful opening stage of the Junior World Orienteering Championships JWOC 2013, Sweden showed again its winner vein in the Middle Distance race today. Returning to Radvanice, the Swedish team occupied the entire male podium and also won the silver medal in the women's class. Emil Svensk and Miri Thrane Ødum are the big winners of the day, but there is one name that stands above the others, with half of the titles disputed: Lisa Risby.

After the title of Long Distance achieved last Monday, Lisa Risby (Sweden) was again a prominent figure today, finishing the Middle Distance course in second place with a time of 25:36 for a distance of 3.000 meters. The athlete had a particularly bad entrance on a particularly rough and stony map, losing about two minutes in controls 2 and 4 (at that time she was ranked 54th), but did not turn to face the fight and showed a truly fantastic shape that allowed her to reach the silver medal. The winner was the talented Danish Miri Thrane Ødum, with a record of 25:05, while the third place belonged to the Norwegian Mathilde Rundhaug, with over 40 seconds more than the winner. Isia Basset (France) and Lucy Butt (Great Britain), who showed yesterday by winning their respective qualifying series, were not beyond the 5th and 19th place, respectively. The Spanish Marina Garcia Castro closed the range of 57 athletes classified at 23:04 of winning.

In the male sector, the highlights lied in the three Swedish athletes that took the podium. An explosion of joy around a feat that only in 2000 (Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic) was recorded also in the Middle Distance, at the time when the Czechs Michal Smola, Zbynek Hora and Jaromír Svihovsky achieved, by this order, equal desideratum. This time, Emil Svensk was the fastest, completing his course of 3600 meter in 24:32, beating his team mates Anton Johansson and Jens Wängdahl by tight margins of one second and nine seconds respectively. Sindre Rønning (Norway), Rudolfs Zernis (Latvia) and Thor Nørskov (Denmark), winners of the qualifying series of yesterday, concluded in 8th, 18th and 29th place, respectively. Piotr Parfianowicz, with a gold medal in the final of Long Distance last Monday, wasn't beyond the 52 th place, while the Spanish Pedro Ruiz Morales and Eduardo Gil Marcos finished in 46th and 55th places, respectively. The Portuguese Rafael Miguel was the 57th overall, with a record of 34:30.

Tomorrow is a rest day, returning the big decisions on next Friday with the final sprint. Everything to follow in

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