Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cecilia Thomasson: A moment, a comment...

“The memory of that day on the podium gives me goosebumps. Actually I can't realize that I became a World Champion that day. This tells me a lot oabout what I can do and what I have to learn. The race was almost perfect, my brain and the map were on the same level and everything just fit together.

I love this feeling to be in a perfect flow and it has to be there to do the perfect race. So I'm capable of winning and I have to learn how to win again. This was what I couldn't do, because it was the Middle Distance gold that I wanted. I wanted to win that race and I couldn't get in a perfect flow so short after the Sprint. It took me several days to recapture the feeling, focus and flow from the Sprint and finally I could almost do the perfect race in the Long Distance and get another medal... It's all about focusing. Almost.”

Cecilia Thomasson, Sweden
[2013.08.27 - Sprint distance's Prize Giving Ceremony; WOC MTBO, Rakvere, Estonia]

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