Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scott Fraser: A moment, a comment...

Finally done it! And by that I mean I finally managed to put in a performance at the World Champs that I am happy with. There has been quite many disappointments down the line for me always seeming to fall at the last hurdle when it really mattered so there was a feeling of huge relief and joy - I was beginning to wonder whether if I had it in me to achieve my potential at a World Champs. Although I maybe don't put as many hours into the orienteering analysis as the others; I have worked hard over the years to refine my race strategy; delivering when it really matters.

What a feeling to finally get that WOC medal: I achieved a 'career dream'. Feels like 15 years of hard work has paid off but the medal, to me, is a symbol of the 15 years of a whole lot of fun and good times with all the people and mates I’ve met along the way. What a journey!

With regards to the future; well, now I know success tastes sweet and I'm looking forward to welcome the World to my homeland in 2015.”

Scott Fraser, Great Britain
[2013.07.08 - Crossing the finish line at the Sprint Final; WOC 2013, Sotkamo, Finland]

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  1. Myrnas Journey passion ravels that he will win the Olympics medal...!!!