Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thierry Gueorgiou: A moment, a comment...

“I chose the picture of the podium of WOC middle distance [instead of the one from the long distance] because there are a lot more feelings involved.

There, you can easily see that my smile is little bit forced, the second place wasn’t what I was hunting that day. But it is hard to totally show your disappointment when a WOC medal is desired by so many athletes. Thus, I keep smiling but deep inside it hurts…a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if my motivation and love for the sport is still high enough, but when you still feel the same pain when you don’t achieve your goals, you know everything is alright.  I totally agree when we says that victories are conservative and defeats are innovative.

When I was listening the Russian national anthem, I already had some thoughts about what I should change to become a better orienteer. If I am at the start line of next year WOC middle distance, the main reason would be this 12nd July 2013. Thus, in a long term perspective, it could not be considered anymore as a bad memory!”

Thierry Georgiou, France
[2013.07.12 - Middle Distance's Prize Giving Ceremony; WOC 2013, Vuokatti, Finland]

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