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MTBO World Cup / WMMTBOC'2013: Russia Times Two

Anton Foliforov and Olga Vinogradova get the triumph on the opening stage of the MTB orienteering World Cup 2013’s final round, held in Portugal. In the World Masters Championships, event which takes place in parallel with the World Cup, the name of Portugal has been designed to the highest level by Carlos Simões, the H40 Class's big winner.

Held this morning the first of three stages of 
MTB orienteering World Cup 2013’s final round that, by these days, occurs on the municipalities of Sines, Santiago do Cacém and Sines . A Middle Distance tightly contested , with the first place on the podium, both male and female, colored similarly with the red, blue and white of the Russian Team. With a race superiorly controlled from start to finish, Anton Foliforov placed on the ground all his physical and technical skills, winning with a record of 47:31, 1:07 less than the Czech Krystof Bogar, the second placed. With this result - and even if only marginally - Foliforov takes the lead of the World Cup, revealing crucial the race tomorrow in order to determine the winner of the 2013’s edition .

"I had a good feeling throughout the race, I felt very well and , despite a small mistake that costs me about one minute, I'm very happy with this victory ," began by stating Foliforov. A victory that brings to the Russian athlete some nice memories of a past still closed: " I have achieved very good results in Portugal. I like the country, the maps, this amazing weather (laughs). Three years ago I ran here my best World Championships ever, I got my first gold medal, and now again the same gold. For me, Portugal is a kind of talisman ."

With the European Championships 2015 on the horizon

In the women's class, the winner was Olga Vinogradova with the time of 41:54 , just 20 seconds ahead of the current leader of the World Cup, the Swedish Cecilia Thomasson. A triumph with a special taste, since this was the first time that the young Russian outperformed all the competitors in a major international elite competition.

As Foliforov, also Olga Vinogradova begins by appealing to her memories of 2010 and the World Championships in Montalegre, refering to her victory today: "Three years ago, I managed to take a few titles won at the World Championship [on occasion in Junior class] and today I felt the same joy with my first victory within the Elite." Speaking of her race, the athlete believes that, despite some mechanical troubles and few small mistakes that costs about two minutes, "I did everything I could to win . I like mountain biking, but I like especially orienteering and today I felt very happy in this way, in these terrains, with this 'summer' and this amazing atmosphere of the great moments. It was very exciting. " To conclude, she make a wish : "I want to return to Portugal in 2015, for the European Championships, and to win again, as happened in 2010 and today. This is my dream."

Carlos Simões offers historic gold to Portugal

It was under the best auspices that Portugal made ​​its debut in the World Masters MTB orienteering Championships 2013. In the opening course of the competition, a Middle Distance on the Grandola’s map, Carlos Simões was the big winner at the H40 Class, finishing his course in 49:34. A superb victory against notorious opponents, such as the Russian Maxim Zhurkin and the Hungarian Daniel Marosffy, respectively ranked second and third today.

"I’m very pleased with my performance", began by noting Carlos Simões, to meet what were his goals: "Getting the title was actually one of my big goals and I did it right now. This partly relieves the pressure to the next races and makes me even more confident to achieve something more." Being the first Portuguese to reach the world title for the first time is seen by Simões as "a proud", adding that "the Portuguese orienteering, for what we have done, is also to be congratulated ." Carlos Simões admits that "it was not easy to win today" , referring that the secret of his victory was "in a good final part and to be always focused on the course, despite some mistakes ."

In the women's sector, the Portuguese Susana Pontes was 4th, missing the podium in the D40 Class for a little over than two minutes, while Francisco Moura, in M50 Class, was in the 5th place, 52 seconds away from the bronze medal. The World Masters titles in the Middle Distance, smiled to Michel Denaix (M50), Heikki Saarinen (M60), Ronny Hedlund (M70), Nina Hoffman (W40) , Carolyn Jackson (W50) and Monika Bonafini (W60).

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