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EYOC 2013: Another day, (almost) the same winners!

Almost a “remake” of yesterday’s journey. On the second day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013, Sara Hagstrom, Tobia Pezatti and Olli Ojanaho repeated the gold. Josefine Lind gave the note of sensation, offering to Denmark the most desired medal.

Sun and warm weather in a perfect morning, the beauty of a fresh and fragrant forest and challenging courses, both technically and physically. These were the ingredients that put a smile on the faces of more than three hundred and fifty participants at EYOC 2013's Long Distance course, held this morning in Ferrel, municipality of Peniche. With mapping by Luís Sérgio and courses setted by José Fernandes, the competition turned out to be almost a 'remake' of what happened on the start of the Championships, yesterday afternoon, in Óbidos.

The Swiss Tobia Pezzati and the Swedish Sara Hagstrom repeated their victories in M18 and W18 Classes, respectively. Two days, two victories and this feeling that seems to be easy to win, is something that Sara is keen to reject outright: “Actually, it was anything but easy”, began by explain the Swedish athlete, reminding one of the less good moments of her course: “It finally join several athletes that formed a 'train' and I felt very uncomfortable in front of this column, quite nervous, and I ended up making several small mistakes”. Praising the terrains and the green áreas, “technically very demanding”, Sara also highlights the “intense and motivating” struggle waged with her teammate, Johanna Oberg, who stayed just two seconds ahead. A fact that further grows the favoritism of the Swedish team in the Relay that will end the Championships, tomorrow morning, in Vale Benfeito: “I think so, I think that we have a good chance to close the season with a golden key”, she says.

Beatriz Moreira , once again the best Portuguese athlete

Also Tobia Pezatti refuses the idea of ​​an easy victory: “It was a very interesting course, very fast in the beginning and with a second half very demanding technically and requiring enormous concentration.” Some small mistakes throughout the race does not erase the pleasure of a new victory and new responsibilities: “It’s a big motivation to set new goals and to be able to keep focused on it”.  Olli Ojanaho, another of the “repeaters” in gold, talk about a course very similar to the Swiss Pezzati, admitting also  to have committed “some small mistakes, especially in route choices decisions.” The truth is that his victory, with a time of 37:24, turned out to be the most robust of all how many have registered today, with more than two minutes ahead of the Russian Aleksandr Pavlenko. For the athlete – that competes in Portugal for the very first time - the future opens up in front of him now, full of opportunities: “I don’t feel that the two gold medals are too heavy. Acually , I think that I can withstand once more and if I get another gold medal tomorrow, I don’t mind at all.”

Finally Josefine Lind , the Danish athlete that knew how to break the hegemony of the first day’s winners, meddling into this restricted “Gold Club”. With a smile of joy in her face, the athlete began to refer to “a nice victory in terrains that I like in particular because we can run very fast, which is good to me.” It was on a fast run – reflected in a time of 35:23, against 36:13 of the German Dorothea Muller - who lived the secret of the success, confessing to be “super – motivated now to continue to fight for my goals.” Among the Portuguese, the results weren’t as good as you could expect and, here too, Beatriz Moreira repeated the title of our best athlete, thanks to her 17th place in the W16 Class.



1 Josefine Lind (Denmark) 35:23
2 Dorothea Muller (Germany) 36:13
3 Barbora Vyhnálková (Czech Republic) 38:38
4 Florence Hanauer (France) 38:41
5 Noora Koskinen (Finland) 38:56
6 Tereza Cechova (Czech Republic) 39:23

1 Olli Ojanaho (Finland) 37:24
2 Aleksandr Pavlenko (Russia) 39:37
3 Joey Hadom (Switzerland) 40:06
4 Vladislav Kiselev (Russia) 41:29
5 Daniel Vandas (Czech Republic) 41:36
6 Mate Dalos (Hungary) 41:41

1 Sara Hagstrom (Sweden) 43:18
2 Johanna Oberg (Sweden) 43:20
3 Anna Haataja (Finland) 43:54
4 Felicia Stuhlhofer (Sweden) 44:36
5 Daria Korobeynik (Russia) 44:38
6 Heidi Martensson (Norway) 45:12


1 Tobia Pezzati (Switzerland) 46:26
2 Krzysztof Wolowczyk (Poland) 47:03
3 Algirdas Bartkevicius (Lithuania) 47:18
4 Nicolas Rio (France) 47:21
5 Jens Ronnols (Sweden) 47:36
6 Topias Ahola (Finland) 47:44

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  1. yeah.. same winners..Sara Hagstrom, Tobia Pezatti and Olli Ojanaho repeats again.