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EYOC 2013: Swiss stronger on the first day


By winning two gold medals, Switzerland was the main figure of the first day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013 which starts today in Obidos, Portugal. Beatriz Moreira, placed 9th in W16 Class, was the portuguese's best athlete.

Óbidos was the venue chosen for the “kick off” the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013. In a town that has in the chocolate one of its ex-libris, the courses were anything but “sweet” for the 361 athletes participating in the four competition classes. Made of streets and alleys, stairs and corners with much unevenness in the between, the map was a huge headache for the participants, requiring maximum concentration and a continuos focus on the map.

At M16 and W16 Classes, the Finnish Olli Ojahano and the Swiss Simona Aebersold were the big winners, imposing unambiguously to the concurrency. Ojahano - who left the Swiss Florian Attinger at “distant” 34 seconds - confess to expect such result: “I know that I am in good shape and that doing what I can do I could win.” Assigning the secret of his victory to the fact that “keep me focused on the map and have not committed big mistakes”, Ojahano already thinks of tomorrow’s Long Distance equally successful: “I think I am able to win again.” As for the Swiss athlete, the gold medal caught her completely by surprise: “I didn’t really expect, especially after having made ​​a big mistake that cost me some time.” Naturally delighted with his first victory on the international scene, Simona admits not to have high expectations for the next two days: “What I had to do I still did and I am very happy with this medal.”

Switzerland wins a second gold medal

As for the W18 Class, the Swedish Sara Hagstrom was at her best, beating the Finnish Anna Haataja by 18 seconds of difference. A victory that corresponds absolutely to the athlete's goals: “I’m really happy because I’m looking forward this competition for a long time, I had a plan to take it slow and I did”. For her, the secret of victory , for Sara was “to take it so slowly as possible, focus on the technic and just run in the right way”. Despite admitting that “it was not much fun to have to go down so much slopes”, Sara Hagstrom highlights “the quality of the map and the pleasure that she felt running here”, referring to the medieval atmosphere of the town of Óbidos.

But it was in the M18 Class that we saw the most intense struggle, with the top two to finish separated by a single second. Tobia Pezatti offered to Switzerland his second gold medal of the day, in front of the Polish Krzysztof Rzenca, ont he second position. In the end, Pezatti showed himself very happy for this victory: “I made some small mistakes and was not expecting to win”, were his first words, revealing to have been of particular concern in “do not go too fast and keep always focused on the map”. As for the Portuguese, Beatriz Moreira was our best athlete, finishing in 9th place in the W16 Class. Ricardo Esteves had also a valuable results, ranked 15th in the M16 Class.



1st Olli Ojanaho (Finland) 11:05
2nd Florian Attinger (Switzerland) 11:39
3rd Aleksandr Pavlenko (Russia) 11:42
4th Mate Dalos (Hungary) 11:44
5th Pascal Buchs (Switzerland) 11:57
6th Pierre Martinez (France) 12:00

1st Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) 24:27
2nd Dorothea Muller (Germany) 12:44
3rd Sonja Borner (Switzerland) 12:46
4th Veera Klemettinen (Finland) 12:55
5th Anna Dvorinskaia ( Russia) 13:05
6th Sofie Bachmann (Switzerland) 13:09

1st Tobia Pezzati (Switzerland) 12:57
2nd Rzenca Krzysztof (Poland) 24:58
3rd Scalet Riccardo (Italy) 13:16
4th Erik Berzell ( Sweden) 13:21
5th Aleksi Niemi (Finland) 13:22
5th Algirdas Bartkevicius (Lithuania) 13:22


1st Sara Hagstrom (Sweden) 13:24
2nd Anna Haataja (Finland) 13:42
3rd Weronika Cych (Poland) 13:43
4th Heidi Martensson (Norway) 13:53
5th Lisa Schubnell (Switzerland) 14:15
6th Lenka Svobodová (Czech Republic) 14:20
6th Sandrine Muller (Switzerland) 14:20

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