Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinja Mäkinen: A moment, a comment...

My goal from the age on thirteen was to win the World Championship. I had worked for it so many years as a foot-orienteer. But as a teenager I couldn’t thought it would be in TrailO where I get my gold medal.

In this moment I was living my dream. It was unbelievable to sign my name to the place of the World Champion and then stand on the victory podium before the audience. There was my family and so many other familiar people, singing the national hymn of Finland!...

Achieving this goal gives me so much faith, confidence and joy on the trip towards the future goals, both in Trail orienteering and other fields of life.”

Pinja Mäkinen, Finland
[2013.07.12 – Signing the WOC/WTOC's Table of Honour; World Trail Orienteering Championships, Vuokatti, Finland]

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