Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Do you know how to tie your shoes like Emily Kemp?. This and much more to read on Orienteering Canada's Newsletter of Novembre - - a real nice collection of articles, among which you may still find an overview on the Canadian Orienteering Championships, read early newsletter or submit yourself to a challenging quiz.

2. After the big races of the season, time now to look back and choose the “Course of the Year 2013”. The World of O's acclaimed initiative ask you, first, for suggestions. “What was the best orienteering course of 2013?”, says Jan Kocbach, remembering that “last year’s winner had some great technical orienteering in Portugal, in 2011 the WOC middle distance in France took the first place and the year before a very special Jukola relay won.” So, which course will take the prestigious top spot this year? We are the one to decide, first by submitting suggestions and then by voting. Beyond fun to participate, desirable prizes are waiting for us. Everything to know at

3. “World Cup needs to relocate”. It's under this title that Radek Novotný, main coach of the Czech National Team, assumes that “the whole current World Cup concept deserves wide discussion” and share with us his personal opinion. Money, inconsistency or structural savings are some of the subjects of deep reflexion, leading to a strong conclusion: “The World Cup would perhaps deserve some more passion”. “I Agree with Radek Novotný critics of IOF World Cup system”, claims Mikhail Vinogradov on his blog and asks: “If it is possible to make an effective sport management for one World Cup round why it is so complicated to do same good job in IOF?” Worth reading the two articles and... judge by yourself!

Joaquim Margarido


  1. New post are coming at Vinogradov coach (

    1. Doping in Orienteering.
    2. Top coaches in Orienteering: case of Daniel Hubmann,
    3. Top coaches in Orienteering: case of Olav Lundanes,
    4. Top coaches in Orienteering: case of Tatiana Riabkina;
    5. Galina Vinogradova: Impressions from World Cup final 2013
    6. Thoughts about fairness in Sprint Relays.
    7. Mihail Vinogradov: About my report in Russian Olympic Committee
    8. Galina Vinogradova about her new indoor tracks results (3000 m; 2000 m)

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  3. The World Cup would perhaps deserve some more passion