Thursday, December 05, 2013

Two or three things I know about it...

1. We can still hear the echoes of the Sprint Course of Portugal O' Meeting and Tiago Romão's victory in the contest “Course of the Year 2013”, and the World of O already advances with a new initiative. Once again, the readers of the popular website are called to choose “The Orienteering Achievement of 2013”, both in men and women. On a extraordinary panel, all the greatest achievements of the season and the respective authors are recalled. And if, in the female sector, Simone Niggli is an “announced winner”, in the male sector we can guess a terrible fight between names such as Marten Boström or Thierry Gueorgiou, Matthias Kyburz or Leonid Novikov. Be sure to participate in and remember: when voting, you will be on the line to one of ten outstanding prizes that can either go from a four person family package at Cerkno Cup in Slovenia, to the three entries for competitions and full package of training maps on WOC 2014 training terrains, in Italy. You can miss it!

2. It wasn't in the best way that starts the World Cup in Ski Orienteering 2013/2014, in Ylläs - Kolari, Finland. A flaw at the Emit Touch-Free System that affected more than a half of the competitiors took to the non-validation of results and consequent void of the Middle distance, Mass Start . Based on GPS traces, the organization also tried to rearrange the times and results, but quickly realized that there were large variations in the time spent by athletes along the “asleep” bases and the decision to declare the race void was taken by the organizers with all the national team leaders at the event Team Leaders' Meeting . The program continues today with the Mixed Sprint Relay so that the first individual race of the World Cup will now be the Long distance event, on Friday . More information at

3. Academic work, elements to feed a blog or simple curiosity. Martina Seger-Bertschi has just released an issue in the Facebook open group “MTBO” and that has to do with the history of this discipline. She wants to know “when and where the first mtb-o competitions took place”. Always attentive, Sandor Talas, the IOF MTBO Comission's Chairman , talks about orienteers riding mountainbikes on the Hu og Hei in Trondheim, in 1984. “At that time it looked very strange to see marks of fat tires on open marshes”, he remembers. Petr Meloun Lukavec refers to the history of MTBO in the Czech Republic and located in 1971 the start of regular competitions. Anke Dannowski goes a little further in time and backtracks to 1957, when the German Championships began, “starting as 'tourist terrain cycling' with competitive background”. If you have some information and you would like to make your contribution , please leave your comment here or directly at

Joaquim Margarido

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