Sunday, December 15, 2013

Portugal O' Meeting 2014: The wheels are already turning

With near three months to go until the largest annual Portuguese Orienteering event, the wheels are already turning. Organised by CPOC, from March 1st up to 4th Portugal O’ Meeting at Gouveia.

The first day will take place in Vila Nova de Tazém, together with a night sprint in the city of Gouveia, following three days in Arcozelo, with the second day (third of the competition) counting as a World Ranking Event. There will also take place a PreO event on the second day, on the Senhora dos Verdes Park's map.

This region will be the centre of all the world Orienteering attentions. It has excellent terrains for Orienteering (as the map samples shown below) and many historical monuments as for example the Auto Miniature Museum and the Abel Manta Municipal Museum, a portuguese painter of century XX. This region is also famous by its great typical gastronomy.

A teaser video has already been launched with some images of the region and the terrains the Orienteering family will encounter in Gouveia, at For more informations, see also the event webpage [], the Facebook page [] and the Facebook event Portugal "O" Meeting 2014 [].

Text: João Dias (CPOC – Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida, Comunication and Media Office)

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