Saturday, January 25, 2014

NAOM 2014: Blanes, a surprising winner

After the forest and the open spaces, NAOM's tribe moved towards the narrow and hilly streets of the historic town centre of Castelo de Vide, were the Urban Sprint took place. In a race as demanding as spectacular, Anastasia Tikhonova repeated the victory of this morning, while the male winner was, surprisingly, Andreu Blanes. They are the leaders of the “newcomer” World Ranking of Sprint.

Just four hours after the Middle Distance course, the russian Anastasia Tikhonova showed, again, her tremendous capabilities, winning the WRE Sprint course this afternoon in the labyrinthic town of Castelo de Vide. “Fast run and no mistakes, I feel good (laughs). The last part of the map was phisically more demanding, but I did only one little mistake that costs me, maybe, ten seconds. Sprint is the distance that I like the most, but I'm trying to improve my skills in Middle Distance and Long Distance”, said Tikhonova at the end. The Russian beated Céline Dodin and Amélie Chataing, both from France, by 1:08 and 1:42, respectively.

Results Women
1. Anastasia Tikhonova (CSP Novgorod) 13:52
2. Céline Dodin (AltecSport) 15:00 (+1:08)
3. Amélie Chataing (Kalevan Rasti) 15:34 (+1:42)

A victory out of the plans

After a good start this morning, Andreu Blanes showed why he is one of the best world specialists in Sprint, beating, although by a narrow margin, all the concurrence. For the Spanish, “this victory was out of my plans”. Analysing his race, he commented: “I felt strong during all the race and the truth is that I enjoyed a lot from the first to the last control. I like all the distances but it is maybe in Sprint that I get the best results. This is a very important victory for me, motivating myself to the big goals of the season, the biggest of all the World Championships but also the European Championships, in April, here in Portugal.” Frédéric Tranchand and Daniel Hubmann were second and third, spending four and ten seconds more than the winner, respectively.

Results Men
1. Andreu Blanes (Colivenc) 14:37
2. Frédéric Tranchand (Paimion Rasti) 14:41 (+0.04)
3. Daniel Hubmann (Kristiansand OK) 14:47 (+0:10)

Joaquim Margarido

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