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Review of the year 2013: The 20 most popular!

Turning the page of another year, we take a look on the 108 messages that made the daily moments of the Portuguese Orienteering Blog during 2013. Athletes, organizations and events looked by our eyes, in the 20 most viewed along the year. A time to remember!

1. Thierry Gueorgiou: A moment a comment...
I chose the picture of the podium of WOC middle distance [instead of the one from the long distance] because there are a lot more feelings involved. There, you can easily see that my smile is little bit forced, the second place wasn’t what I was hunting that day. But it is hard to totally show your disappointment when a WOC medal is desired by so many athletes. Thus, I keep smiling but deep inside it hurts…a lot. [more]

2. Annika Billstam and Thierry Gueorgiou: Me,!
One moment, two special persons, three chapters... An Interview with Thierry Gueorgiou and Annika Billstam, some interesting ideas about themselves, the way they see the Portugal O' Meeting and how they feel in Portugal. [more]

3. EYOC 2013: Let the party begin!
For the second time in this year, the Portuguese Orienteering wears its best suit to receive an international event entirely directed to the youngsters. After the unforgetable World School Sports Orienteering Championships ISF, held in eastern Algarve on last April, is now the turn of the municipalities of Peniche, Caldas da Rainha and Óbidos to receive the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013. Let the party begin! [more]

4. Scott Fraser: A moment, a comment...
Finally done it! And by that I mean I finally managed to put in a performance at the World Champs that I am happy with. There has been quite many disappointments down the line for me always seeming to fall at the last hurdle when it really mattered so there was a feeling of huge relief and joy - I was beginning to wonder whether if I had it in me to achieve my potential at a World Champs. Although I maybe don't put as many hours into the orienteering analysis as the others; I have worked hard over the years to refine my race strategy; delivering when it really matters. [more]

5. EYOC 2013: Portugal between the five applications to organize the event
The European Working Group (EWG) has decided, for safety reasons, to withdraw Israel of the organization of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013. The new application's process started immediately and now the International Orienteering Federation has announced the new batch of five candidates for the organization of the competition: Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia and ... Portugal! [more]

6. EYOC 2013: Relay's medals well distributed
After the Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark's dominance on the first two days of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013, the last day allowed to add the names of Russia and the Czech Republic to the set of the big winners. Individually, Sara Hagstrom won everything there was to win and she is, undeniably, the “queen” of these Championships. Succeeding the Czech Republic, Finland was the winner overall. [more]

7. Thierry Gueorgiou: We can always learn something with anyone
Thierry Gueorgiou is in Portugal preparing himself for the coming challenges and the Portuguese Orienteering Blog went to meet him. After a frustrating season, the French athlete bets on "turning it up" and points out the major goals for 2012. [more]

8. Albin Ridefelt: Work, talent and ambition
At 21, Albin Ridefelt is already a star rising in the dome of world orienteering. Today we back off two months in time, reliving the conversation held in the Portugal O' Meeting's aftermath. Past, present and future summed in three words: work, talent and ambition! [more]

9. XIV MOC – WRE 2013: Happy end!
Matthias Kyburz and Simone Niggli were the big winners of the 14th edition of the MOC – Meeting de Orientação do Centro. In the fantastic land of dunes along the Osso da Baleia's beach, in the municipality of Pombal, the two Swiss athletes showed why they lead the IOF's world rankings and finished in the best way their stay in Portugal. [more]

10. David Andersson: I will not travel to Finland if I'm not feeling that I will be able to get a medal
Two big races and here we are David Andersson signing up his name for the first time in the Hall of Fame of Norte Alentejano O' Meeting. After six years tagged by injuries, the Swedish athlete seems to be back on track and tell us about his goals for the season. [more]

11. Catherine Taylor: One day I want to do that!
She is one of the big names of the Portugal O' Meeting 2013 and surprised by his determination, class and... youth. Her name is Catherine Taylor, she is a rising star and is also our guest today. [more]

12. EYOC 2013: Another day, (almost) the same winners!
Almost a “remake” of yesterday’s journey. On the second day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013, Sara Hagstrom, Tobia Pezatti and Olli Ojanaho repeated the gold. Josefine Lind gave the note of sensation, offering to Denmark the most desired medal. [more]

13. Cecilia Thomasson: A moment, a comment...
The memory of that day on the podium gives me goosebumps. Actually I can't realize that I became a World Champion that day. This tells me a lot oabout what I can do and what I have to learn. The race was almost perfect, my brain and the map were on the same level and everything just fit together. [more]

14. Frédéric Tranchand: Between Long Distance and Sprint
Safe value of the French Orienteering, Frédéric Tranchand is our invited today. With his eyes in Vuokatti, he tell us how the season is going on and what to expect for the Summer. For now, he has a single word in his vocabulary: Work! [more]

15. Marek Pospisek: You have to experience MTBO, that's where its strenght is
Marek Pospisek is one of the biggest names of the MTBO international scene. In our minds is still the duel fight against the Austrian Tobias Breitschädel for the world title in the Sprint race, that he lost for two single seconds. But this is just one of the topics of a long talk, where we can also have his opinions about the Athletes' Commission, the present moment of MTB Orienteering and the future. A future that can mean a historical gold medal for the Czech team or, later in the autumn, a victory in the World Cup... in Portugal. [more]

16. Judith Wyder: A moment, a comment...
At that moment I was thinking a lot about the World Champs in Finland. My feelings were divided because there is nothing better and more emotional than running into the finish with your happy teammates. At the same time I wished I would have done that at WOC after a similar good race. [more]

17. EYOC 2013: It's ours, it's of Portugal!
These are great news. The European Youth Orienteering Championships 2013 will be held in Portugal. The European Working Group considered the arguments of the Portuguese application and the spotlights are focused now to Portugal. [more]

18. NAOM 2013: David Andersson and Amélie Chataing win in Portugal
Opening a suite of three major portuguese events counting for the world rankings, the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2013 returned to Nisa for a weekend of Orienteering at the highest level. Tightly fought, the two stages had in David Andersson and Amélie Chataing the big winners. [more]

19. EYOC 2013: Swiss stronger on the first day
By winning two gold medals, Switzerland was the main figure of the first day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013 which starts today in Obidos, Portugal. Beatriz Moreira, placed 9th in W16 Class, was the portuguese's best athlete. [more]

20. World Orienteering Championships: Italy gets dressed
Italy’s Veneto and Trentino regions host 2014 WOC and WTOC. First World Orienteering Championships ever hosted in the country. A Sprint Relay event to make its debut in the city of Trento. The ‘5 Days of Italy’ event already scheduled. [more]

Joaquim Margarido

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