Saturday, January 11, 2014

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The International World Games Association launched an online poll for the athlete and/or the team of the year. Ten sportsmen and ten teams have been shortlisted, among whom there's one orienteer, the triple World Games winner Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland). Kyburz was the first orienteer ever to win all gold medals at The World Games. He was by far the best in both Sprint and Middle distance, and together with his team mates he even took home the victory in the Mixed Relay. The biggest opponents of the Swiss for the final victory will be the most successful athlete of The World Games in Cali, Marcel Hassemeier (Germany), who won four gold medals and a silver medal in Lifesaving, and also Erica Jones (USA), who first set a new world record in Field Archery (compound) and won two gold medals the next day. It is the first time ever that the IWGA stages a vote on the Athlete of the Year. “After the highly successful Games in Cali, showcasing an outstanding performance of our sportsmen and women, we want to celebrate again with this public vote”, explained IWGA President Ron Froehlich. All details of the poll can be seen at The poll is open until 31st january and the winners will be announced after the public vote. 

2. It is online already the third edition of the Internet TempO Game. Born in Italy and created by Marco Giovannini, this is an online game simulating a TempO course with real images and maps and an unmerciful time-piece, so testing the skills and speed of decision of the players. Until 15th January you are invited to try the challenge, joining your name to all the big names of Trail Orienteering all over the world. “After the first competitors' performances, I have to admit it is more difficult than I though”, says Marco about the present edition of the Game, adding that “perhaps the reason is to cloud the screen before the start and you can't study the terrain before to begin the game.” And leaves a tip: “I suggest to use the big lens if you don't see the right position of the flag. It's better to lose three second using the lens, instead to mistake the answer.” You can find the ITT Game at Good luck and enjoy.

3. “We discuss the changes before, but there is an important new element that you have to be aware: the IOF Protocol Guide”. This words, left by Sandor Talas on Facebook “MTBO” group, were enough to generate a wave of opinions in total disagreement with the decision of the International Orienteering Federation. “What's happening with IOF?”, Nina Hoffmann asks, while Emily Benham says that “it's a shame local dignitaries are no longer allowed to make speeches”, considering it as “a kick in the teeth for them”. And Margarida Gonçalves Novo goes further, referring that “no 'local dignatary' will give funds or any other sort of support for an event where the only one who has a right to 'make a speech' is a foreign guy, who (in the vast majority of countries) nobody knows, except the athletes and IOF dignataries.” Follow the discussion and see the “Proposal of the MTBO Commission to refine the IOF Protocol Guide” at

4. The World Ranking is back but it is no longer the IOF World Ranking. As everybody knows, after 13 years of freely given effort, 6prog stopped providing IOF with an athlete ranking system on 31st December 2013. However, 6prog have taken the decision to make sure there is continuity in this important resource, and using the 2013 specification, will keep the site open. For the time being the site has a very similar format to the IOF site prior to 1st Jan 2014, but it is not in any way associated with IOF other than it carries results of events sanctioned by IOF. The unofficial World Orienteering Ranking rolls on at 6prog:

Joaquim Margarido

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