Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two or three things I know about it...

1. After Finland, it is now the turn of Norway and Sweden to held the Ski Orienteering World Cup 2013-2014, for its secound round. With the next year's World Championships on the horizon, the Norwegian town of Hamar gets, the 18th and 19th January the stages 5 and 6, then following, from Wednesday to Sunday, another four stages in the Swedish town of Orsa Grönklitt . Six races in nine days and a rather demanding program, is what can expect the almost 100 competitors from 15 countries. The Russians Andrei Lamov and Tatyana Rvacheva fight for maintain the leadership in the World Cup, but they have to count on the strong opposition of the Nordic athletes, the Norwegian Lars Hol Moholdt and Hans Jørgen Kvåle and the Swedish Tove Alexandersson, with the same points as the Russian Yuliya Tarasenko. Access the webpages of the events at and

2. The numbers are there and don't lie. In 2013, in the Nordic Countries, were held 129 SkiO competitions, 89 TrailO competitions and 54 MTBO competitions. We present this numbers because of “a very slow running 'discussion' at Twitter” - – between the Norwegian Martin Jullum and “the one writing at the official IOF account (probably the president?)”, regarding the World Ranking in TrailO. The IOF's idea of “commissioning a new service provider for the IOF World Rankings in all disciplines” was the discussion's starting point. “Unfortunately not ALL disciplines I guess? Still no World Ranking in TrailO for some reason...”, claimed Martin. After a brief change of messages, the IOF's responsible admitted that, facing the numbers, it would be “interesting and useful to know the numbers for the rest of the World.” Let's help Martin in this task, providing the official numbers for each country and, thus, helping to justify the interest of all Trail-orienteers. You can access to the subject at

3. It began to be made public the results of the Internet TempO Game's third edition, an initiative of the webpage and his mentor, the Italian Marco Giovannini. Consisting of eight stations with five problems each, the 3rd ITT Game reveals already a record of participants in relation to the previous two editions. Russia was one “notorious” absent from this edition, while seems to be undeniable the growing interest in countries such as Portugal (9 competitors) and Spain (4 competitors). Between the names that accept the challenges of this third edition, we can see the top six of World TempO Championships 2013, which speaks by itself about the interest and value of the initiative. After two station, the Italian Raus leads with 103 points, followed by the Czech Flynt with 133 points and the Italian Mamma Susy with 141 points. Xeriph, with 181 points, is the best Portuguese, occupying the 18th place. Everything to follow at

4. Just a little tiny question: Have you voted for Matthias Kyburz today? If not, go to and do it. And do not forget to do it again tomorrow, and after tomorrow, and after after tomorrow...

Joaquim Margarido

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