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Andalucia O' Meeting 2014: Maps and comments

Andalucia O' Meeting 2014 (Punta Umbría)

Middle Distance WRE (Day 1)

Sprint WRE (Day 1)

Long Distance (Day 2)

It was my start at the competition season. After a few weeks without running at all, due to injuries, I was eager to know how my shape was. I was very happy with the 3rd place on the Middle Distance, nearly without mistakes. The terrain was nice, once you were in the flow, you should keep it till the end.

I hoped for a somehow more difficult Sprint, but it was also good to see where I'm standing physically in that kind of race, obviously more or less as usually. Well, the Long Distance didn't went so well from the beginning. I didn't manage to find the right competition mood, heard it should be easy, what it actually wasn't to me. However, the atmosphere was good as always on the Iberian Peninsula. I can't complain about anything in the organisation, well done guys. Thanks for a comfortable season opening!

Gernot Kerschbaumer
OK Pan Kristianstad

I focussed quite a lot on running training the last four months and this was only my second (orienteering) training camp of the winter (after five days in Alto Alentejo, Portugal, in January). This means that I did many trainings the week before AOM, both fast sessions and some longer trainings. I really like the South of Europe for training in the winter, because the maps and terrains are always of an high standard quality. For me it was mostly important to get the feeling with the map back after many running trainings.

During AOM, I took both WRE races really seriously. It's good to see where you're with your orienteering at this moment of the season and how your shape is, compared to the others. In the Middle Distance WRE I lost too much time, mostly because my speed was too high for the orienteering. The result (13th place) was okay, but it should have been better. The Sprint WRE was the most important race for me, because I'm focussing on the Sprint Distance and there were many good names in the startlist. I could run very fast in the Sprint, even after a pretty tough week, which shows that my shape is good at the moment and I'm doing the right trainings (thanks to my coach).

Overall I liked the Andalucia O' Meeting, because of the relaxed atmosphere, the good maps and courses and the quality in the elite classes. This is what most orienteers search for, in the winter, and I think Sun-O offered this really well.

Yannick Michiels
OK Ravinen – Nacka

My short visit at AOM is over, just “dropping by” to have some intense technical o-training, to go home and evaluate before the first round of World Cup in Turkey. I arrived during the night to Saturday and leaving Tuesday morning, but if not counting the lost bag everything was fine!

Of course I'm not satisfied with my result at the Long Distance, but perhaps it was a good signal for me and I know what to work with before the season really starts. I do see lots of improvement in my technical, mental and physical skills and I look forward to continue working with the whole “o-picture” this year. I enjoyed the weather, the fast terrain and the atmosphere. I do feel that this type of orienteering/terrain is more fun to go high speed than slow, so it fulfilled my purpose with a short but intense trip.

Lena Eliasson
Domnarvets GoIF

I am really satisfied with my results. It shows me that my winter-training is going well, and I feel really confident to continue in the same way for the rest of my preparation for the season. The competitions were nice. I liked the high speed terrain although it didn't create a great technical challenge. It was more about keeping focus and trying to stay as close the line as possible. I think that is pretty much the same thing that will count at EOC in April, which is my next main target. So, I guess it was a really good training for that!

Albin Ridefelt
OK Linné

I really enjoyed my stay in Punta Umbría. For me, the competitions were important because I needed some orienteering races that would help me to escape from my slow winter trainings. Also, as the first World Cup stage is already in the end of February, AOM was perfect for getting ready for the upcoming season. The organization was very good. I liked the maps and the Prologue and Middle Distance's terrains. Although for the Sprint, I was hoping for an old town with a lot of narrow streets. But I enjoyed running it, anyway. It was a fun weekend and it was a pity that I couldn't run the Long Distance!

Ausrine Kutkaite
IFK Lidingo SOK

AOM 2014 has probably been the WRE event in Spain with the greatest international impact ever, with more than 500 international athletes, many notorious names and 500 Spanish athletes, overcoming one thousand participants. We believe that the appeal of the Punta Umbría and Huelva coast, its fast and technical terrains, the fact of organizing two WRE on the same day (Middle Distance and Sprint) and the experience of Sun-O club in organizing events, have made possible such a successful participation. On the other hand, in this fifth edition, we have been able to provide logistical details and infrastructure that are usually difficult to offer in our sport. The fact that we could locate the finish and the arenas in urban areas enabled to offer to the public a more modern face of our sport, all thanks to the support of the municipality of Punta Umbría and its location, by integrating the forest in the city. We hope that participants enjoyed and we look forward to the AOM 2015 in Punta Umbría, with new terrains and new challenges!

After the fifth edition, we can say that the AOM is consolidated in the international calendar of winter. To the Sun-O team is a great satisfaction and therefore we want to continue working in this line of progress of our sport.

Pedro Pasión Rodríguez
Event Director

Joaquim Margarido

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