Monday, February 10, 2014

PreO Challenge - Maia European City of Sport 2014: Starting off on the right foot for Ricardo Pinto and Joaquim Margarido

Ricardo Pinto and Joaquim Margarido confirmed their favouritism, winning the opening stage of the Portugal Trail Orienteering Cup 2014, in the Paralympic and Open classes, respectively. The course took place at S. Pedro do Avioso's Park and was the first official event of the “Maia European City of Sport 2014”.

Under the constant threat of tempest, took place yesterday the first stage of the Portugal Trail Orienteering Cup 2014. Organized by the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, the PreO Challenge - Maia European City of Sport 2014 called to the magnificent and green spaces of S. Pedro do Avioso's Park 44 athletes spread over the Precision and Adapted disciplines.

With 19 points (more two timed controls), along a perimeter of 2 km, the Trail Orienteering course - drawing by Luis Leite and Nuno Pires - confirmed the real evolution felt, especially in the last twelve months, by this so special discipline. With a “sober" planning, appealing above all to reasoning and expertise of the competitors, the course had in Joaquim Margarido (CRN) the big winner of the Open Class, with only two incorrect answers. Two points below, Luis Nóbrega (CO Viseu - Natura) was second while Claudio Tereso closing the podium, five points way from Margarido .

Auspicious debut of the CRN

In the Paralympic competition we witnessed a fierce fight between the top three athletes, separated in the end by the minimum difference. Triumph of Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) with 10 points, just one point ahead of José Leal (CRN). Julio Guerra (DAHP) concluded in the third position, two points behind the winner. Special reference to the great debut of José Leal and his excellent second place, in what was also the start of the Rehabilitation Center of North on official Trail Orienteering competitions. An auspicious debut, first of all because it fills a shortage of clubs and practitioners in this discipline and simultaneously is an invaluable contribution for increasing the competitive level of Trail Orienteering in our country. Also a word to the presence of Antonio Hernandez , the technician responsible for Trail Orienteering in Spain, having the opportunity to follow the work of preparation and implementation of the course.

To conclude, a reference to the opening stage of the Portugal Adapted Orienteering Cup 2014, which had here, also, the kick-off. In the end, Liliana Silva and Domingos Oliveira, both from Gaia Club, were the winners in a ten points course, distributed along 700 meters.

Results Trail orienteering

Paralympic class
1º Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 10/19 points
2º Laiginha José Leal (CRN) 9/19 points
3º Julio Guerra (DAHP) 8/19 points
4º António Amorim (DAHP) 6/19 points

Open Class
1º Joaquim Margarido (CRN) 17/19 points
2º Luis Nobrega (CO Viseu - Natura) 15/19 points
3º Claudio Tereso (ATV) 12/19 points
4º Hélder Camilo (Individual) 12/19 points
5º Miguel Batouxas (Individual) 11/19 points

Joaquim Margarido

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