Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On the Spectators Control: Mari Fasting

Second placed at the 3rd Mediterranean Championships of Orienteering, Mari Fasting talked to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. She accepted to be watched on the spectators control”, analyzing her present moment.

Imagine the whole season like a course and that you're now passing on the spectators control. What do we, spectators, can see?

Mari Fasting (M. F.) - The physical shape is good, I've been training well all the winter and I'm looking forward to the season. My only drop back is that I have a little injury in my foot, but I think that it will go over in some weeks. At the moment I'm happy and the spectators can see my satisfaction.

Can you tell me something about the Mediterranean Championships in orienteering?

M. F. - The Long Distance terrains were really nice and I enjoyed the competition. I did a good race and some good orienteering, so I'm satisfied. In the Middle Distance I did a lot of mistakes and it didn't went as well as I thought.

Was it in your plans to be in Portugal in this time of the season?

M. F. - Yes, it was. It has been the plans for Halden SK, during the last seasons, to have some winter trainings here. This year, in particular, we are preparing the European Championships. The week before the Mediterranean Championships we've been in Coruche, in more similar terrains that the European Championships. I think that it's nice to have some experience of that terrains as well.

What do you expect from the European Championships?

M. F. - I don't think that would be easy to have an exact opinion about that at the moment. I hope that we'll have good competitions, but I believe that some courses will fit better to the competitors of the Central Europe... I mean, not the nordic. The terrain suits better to them, I think, because its fast and I prefer a more technical terrain. As for myself, I hope to do some good races and I'll fight for the top places. I can't expect to be all the way up, but I'll be fighting, yes.

What is the biggest goal of the season?

M. F. - The World Champs, of course.

One week before the World Championships, we are going to see you, again, on the spectators control. How will it be?

M. F. - Hopefully, you'll see Mari Fasting having a good self confidence, having a good control on the technique and running fast!

Joaquim Margarido

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