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POM 2014: Guerra and Madella win Trail orienteering stage

The second day of the Portugal O' Meeting 2014 had an extra attractive. For the Trail orienteering 'aficionados', the stage held in the Senhora dos Verdes Park was a challenge of enormous complexity and technical quality. In the end, Julio Guerra and Remo Madella were the most precise.

On Carnival Day, the Senhora dos Verdes Park, near Gouveia , hosted the second stage of the Trail orienteering Portugal Cup 2014. Part of the Portugal O' Meeting 2004, the PreO POM 2014 was organized by CPOC – Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida and the Municipality of Gouveia. The bad weather conditions moved away more than half of the initially entries, being 67 the number of competitors who managed to complete the course .

In an absolutely fantastic place to practice this demanding discipline, Acacio Porta-Nova drew a course along 1000 meters, consisting of twenty controls, to which we must add two timed controls. Reading correctly the terrain, he knew how to set a good course, appealing to the classical techniques of decision, to meet the natural elements and the contour lines. Unfortunately, a flaw in the description of one of the points led to its avoidance, but the course didn't lost its value and interest, staying as one of the most demanding and technically carried out in Portugal until now.

Facts and figures

Important step of the selection process to the European Championhips, the event attracts all the big names of the national Trail orienteering, with natural emphasis on the portuguese champions, João Pedro Valente (CPOC) and Ricardo Pinto (DAHP), respectively in the Open and Paralympic classes. As for the large foreign presence, it's important to mention the British John Kewley and Charles Bromley-Gardner, both from SLOW, the Italian Remo Madella (REM), the Spanish Antonio Hernandez (FrontelaO) and also the winner of the previous edition of the Portugal O' Meeting in the Open Class, the Dutchman Mark Heikoop.

In the Open Class, Remo Madella (REM) was the big winner with just two points failed. In second place, one point behind the winner, were the British Charles Bromley-Gardner and the Portuguese João Pedro Valente. As for the Paralympic Class, Julio Guerra (DAHP) shown once again his 'appetite' by Gouveia terrains (one year ago he was crowned here the Iberian Champion) and was the big winner with 13 correct answers. Behind him, sign up to excellent performance from the debutant Claudio Poiares (CRN), three points less than the winner. Ricardo Pinto closed the podium with 9 points.

Portuguese team almost closed

Looking at the results, the ranking of the Trail orienteering Portugal Cup 2014 has now another leader in the Open Class, Luis Nobrega (COV-Natura). with 157.13 points. In the Paralympic Class, Julio Guerra follows now in the lead with 169.87 points. More important, perhaps, is the fact that Claudio Tereso (ATV) have secured a presence in the national team that will represent our country in the European Championships, adding his name to Nuno Pires (Ori - Estarreja) , Luís Leite (GD4C) Joaquim Margarido (CRN) and Ricardo Pinto. In order to complete the range selected, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation opened the possibility to some athletes to integrate the selection's works. They are Julio Guerra and Jose Leal Laiginha (CRN), both in Paralympic class, and, to the Open class, João Pedro Valente, Luís Nóbrega, Jorge Baltazar (GDU Azoia) , Luís Sérgio (ATV) and Inês Domingues (COC) . The final list of athletes that will represent Portugal in the European Championships will be announced early next week.


Paralympic Class
1. Julio Guerra (DAHP) 13/19 points
2. Cláudio Poiares (CRN) 10/19 points
3. Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 9/19 points
4. Ana Paula Marques (DAHP) 7/19 points
5. Ana Leça (Individual) 5/19 points
6. Ricardo Bastos (CRN) 4/19 points
7. António Amorim (1/19 points)

Open Class
1. Remo Madella (REM) 17/19 points
2. Charles Bromley-Gardner (SLOW) 16/19 points
3. João Pedro Valente (CPOC) 16/19 points
4. Luís Leite (GD4C) 15/19 points
5. Alexandre Reis (ADFA) 14/19 points
6. Luis Sérgio (ATV) 14/19 points
7. Inês Domingues (COC) 14/19 points
8. Mark Heikoop (Individual NED) 14/19 points
9. Urtzi Iglesias (Cobi) 14/19 points
10. Cláudio Tereso (ATV) 14/19 points

Results and more information at

Joaquim Margarido

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