Friday, April 04, 2014

Hana Dolezalova: "I don't have time to feel under pressure by ETOC"

Hana Dolezalova returns to the country where, in 2010, she suffered a serious accident during the World MTB Orienteering Championships. Always with the colours of the Czech Republic, her main goals seem to be to finnish a race and say: “I'm satisfied!”

First of all, I must confess my surprise for seeing you on the nominal list of Czech TrailO team for ETOC. And what a beautiful surprise!... How did it happen?

Hana Dolezalova (H. D.) - Two years ago, I told you I would come back to Portugal again. Do you remember? Well, I have succeeded in Czech TrailO team selection races. Czech TrailO competitors keep telling me that I have to compete in TrailO, because of my previous experience in orienteering.

Do you feel “comfortable", having Jana Kostova and Pavel Dudik by your side, in the team? :)

H. D. - Of course! I have so many things to learn from both of them...

How is it going, your preparation?

H. D. - It's painful. I don't have enough time as I wished. I'm at school, at another school, at work... besides other activities. But I don't have time to feel under pressure by ETOC. And I should buy a compass. :)

I'm probably revealing something new to many people saying this is not your first TrailO competition in Portugal. Would you like to explain it?

H. D. - It was a crazy “last minute” action, two years ago. There was a TrailO competition at Hospital da Prelada in Porto. It was amazing to make the idea of going there come true.

How do you feel returning to Portugal?

H. D. - I'm looking forward to returning to Portugal because of everything. Because of the people, the sea, the sun, the Porto wine (although we are not in Porto now)...

What kind of event do you expect?

H. D. - I expect a very difficult race. Open areas with bushes, valleys and “long view” controls. But I would rather be wrong.

Can you point the best candidates to the European titles?

H. D. - The only one: Jana Kostova!

What is your main goal for the season?

H. D. - To finish a race and say: “I'm satisfied”.

Would you like to make a wish for the European Championships?

H. D. - To the organisers and also to the athletes, I would like to wish races with no cancelled controls. Just difficult, clever but fair.

Joaquim Margarido

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