Thursday, April 03, 2014

Ivo Tišljar: "I always have faith in good results"

With seven participations in the World Championships and two presences in the European Championships, Ivo Tišljar is an unavoidable name of TrailO in the world. The two bronze medals achieved in the WTOC 2010 and in the WTOC 2011 have made him one of the strongest pillars of the Croatian national team. Let us hear his impressions about the next European Championships, in Palmela.

The ETOC is approaching and I would like to know, in brief, what have you been doing since Vuokatti, last summer?

Ivo Tišljar (I. T.) - I have participated in all the PreO and TempO competitions held up to date not too far from Croatia and I've been doing map reading training at home.

Is your bet at the European Championships mainly in PreO or TempO?

I. T. - My chances are better in PreO than in TempO. It is much more difficult to compensate the
lack of TempO competitions than the lack of PreO competitions when comparing with the
Scandinavian countries.

Didn't it sound strange to you, when you heard that Portugal would be the organizer of the ETOC 2014?

I. T. - No. For some years now I've heard good things about the Portugal Orienteering Meeting and I saw maps of some nice terrains of sand dunes. Also, I have participated on the WMOC in Spain, on the border with Portugal, and there were also interesting terrains.

What kind of event do you expect?

I. T. - An event with a very strong field and small differences on the scoreboard.

Between the candidates to the European titles, where do you see yourself? And the Croatian team?

I. T. - PreO is very demanding. It is easy to make mistakes and they are very costly. There are
so many strong competitors that it is hard to tell what to expect, but I always have faith in good results, both for me and for my team.

What is your main goal for the season?

I. T. - To do my best on the ETOC and the WTOC.

Would you like to make a wish for the European Championships?

I. T. - I wish a good, fair and technically demanding competition.

Joaquim Margarido

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