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10Mila 2014: Pan Århus win women's Relay and make history

One of the orienteering highlights in the Spring, 10Mila celebrated 69 years of existence. Involving more than three hundred teams, the women's race saw the Pan Århus make history, leading to Denmark's first victory ever in this “classic”.

The Danish team of the Pan Århus made history again. After the victory in Venla 2013, Ita Klingenberg, Signe Søes, Maja Alm, Ida Bobach and Miri Thrane Ödum jumped once again into the spotlight, winning emphatically the 10Mila 2014. A historic result, because this was the first victory ever of a Danish team in 70 editions of the 10Mila.

Without one of the usual elements, Emma Klingenberg, it was the junior Miri Thrane Ödum who take the first leg, which made not really safely, passing the testimony in the 43th position with a disadvantage of 4:15 to the front group. The recovery began early, in the second leg, with Ita Klingenberg climbing 35 places and putting the Danish at 2:12 to the leadership, at the moment held by Sweden's IFK Lidingö SOK. It was then the turn of Ida Bobach do an equally brilliant race, coming forward and sharing now the lead, apart from IFK Lidingö SOK, also with the Swedish IFK Mora. The big moment arrived with the incredible performance of Maja Alm in the fourth leg, to leave behind her all the competitors and launch Signe Söes for the last lap with a lead of 4:09.

Having behind her the greatest names of the moment - Simone Niggli, Judith Wyder, Annika Billstam, Mari Fasting, Tove Alexandersson, Helena Jansson and Anastasia Tikhonova were just some of the big names “reserved” for their teams to run the decisive leg - the European Champion of Middle Distance knew to manage properly the lead, reaching the victory with the total time of 3:58:24 and a 4:06 advantage over Goteborg Göteborg OK and 4:17 over OK Tisaren, respectively second and third ranked.


1. OK Pan Århus 3:58:24
2. Göteborg-Majorna OK 4:02:30 (+ 4:06)
3. OK Tisaren 4:02:41 (+ 4:17)
4. Järla Orientering 4:02:56 (+ 4:32)
5. SK Pohjantähti 4:03:12 (+ 4:48)
6. OK Linné 4:04:30 (+ 6:06)
7. IFK Lidingö SOK 4:05:19 (+ 6:55)
8. Halden SK 4:05:33 (+ 7:09)
9. Hidenkiertäjät 4:05:49 (+ 7:25)
10. MS Parma 4:05:53 (+ 7:29)

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