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10Mila 2014: Victory for Kalevan Rasti in Men's Relay

It is usual, in Portugal, to say that “first maize is for the sparrows”. And it was so, once again, in the men's competition of 10Mila's 70th edition, that called to Eksjö over than three hundred teams of ten athletes each. With the first seven legs to meet six different leaders, only at the final part of the Realy began to draw the victory of the Finnish team Kalevan Rasti.

After the Women's Relay, the 10Mila 2014 focused its attention on the male course, preparing for “the longest night”. Three hundred and eighteen teams of ten men each lined up at the start, with the favouritism to fall, by far, on the winners of four of the last five editions, the Finnish team of Kalevan Rasti. Afetr the start, the inaugural leg saw Antonio Martínez Pérez (IK Vista / Eksjö SOK 2) deliver the testimony in the first position, an historic achievement for the Spanish Orienteering and a fair prize to the work and effort of the great athlete. Julian Dent (IFK Lidingö SOK) and Wojciech Dwojak (IL Tyrving) stepped forward slightly on the second round, but in the next leg all the pretenders to the victory were again reorganized, with the first thirty-seven teams separate by “skinny” 47 seconds. With slight changes, the group remained relatively compact until the beginning of the sixth course, when the teams began to play their major trumps with the fall of the night.

At the end of the sixth leg, were eighteen in number the teams that followed in the front of the race, separated from each other by 1:07. With the teams of Halden SK and Kristiansand OK out of this group, the suspicions of a comfortable victory for the Finnish team of Kalevan Rasti swelled up. Suspicions that would be strengthened further when, in the eighth leg, the Finns played a major move, putting in evidence his “Chef de File”, Thierry Gueorgiou. With the best time, the great French athlete puts Kalevan Rasti in the leadership, launching Fabian Hertner for the penultimate track with a lead of 1:28 over Eric Börjeskog, of the Swedish team Södertälje - Nykvarn OF, and 2:01 over Fredrik Johansson, from the also Swedish team of IFK Lidingö SOK. The truth is that the things went not so well to Hertner and, in the end of the second longest route of this 10Mila edition (15,6 km), the Swiss delivered the testimony alongside with Johansson, the bronze medalist in the Long Distance final of the recent European Orienteering Championships, held in Palmela.

Prochazka made the difference

With the third team at distant 4:55 to the leadership, the Czech Jan Prochazka and the Finnish Mårten Boström faced in the decisive leg. This Boström, however, is far from the Boström who won emphatically the Sprint world title in Vuokatti, last Summer, while Prochazka is decisively stronger at the moment - he demonstrated it in Palmela, having been 4th place in the Long Distance Final and arriving, along with the Czech Republic team, to the silver medal in the Relay. So it was no surprise when we saw Prochazka to keep away Boström since the first meters, ensuring an advantage at the end of 1:51 and thus offering a much celebrated victory to the “Rossoneri” of the Kalevan Rasti. In the third position, at distant 7:11 of the winners, were classified the Swedes of Södertälje-Nykvarn OF, with Ralph Street in the last leg.

This edition of 10Mila still had the presence of three Portuguese athletes who, on the whole, had meritorious performances. At the service of the Swedish IFK Umeå, Tiago Romão ran the sixth leg, receiving the testimony from Oskar Malmberg at the 75th position to deliver in the end in the 73rd place. In the end the change was not significant and the Swedish team finished in the 75th place, at 2:35:19 of the winners. Luis Silva assured the penultimate leg of the Swedish group of MS Parma, coming in the 90th position and falling eight places until the end. Eero Jalli, his teammate, was much worse, finishing on the 119th place, with more 3:13:45 than the winners. Finally, Tiago Leal, on behalf of the Danish CopenhagenO team, also ran the 9th leg, exiting at the 175th position and improving four places in the end. The CopenhagenO, however, would in the end fall to the 188th place with more 3:25:03 than Kalevan Rasti, after a final leg less well done by Anders Bachhausen.


1. Kalevan Rasti 11:12:13
2. IFK Lidingö SOK 11:14:04 (+ 1:51)
3. Södertälje-Nykvarn OF 11:19:24 (+ 7:11)
4. IFK Moras OK 11:21:23 (+ 9:10)
5. Vaajakosken Terä 11:23:53 (+ 11:40)
6. IFK Göteborg 11:24:55 (+ 12:42)
7. Hiidenkiertäjät 11:25:19 (+ 13:06)
8. OK Denseln 11:25:19 (+ 13:16)
9. OK Linné 11:26:43 (+ 14:30)
10. Järla Orientering 11:26:46 (+ 14:33)

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