Friday, May 02, 2014

Catherine Taylor: A moment, a comment...

Sometimes the most painful moments are the most interesting. I'm quite sure I can't explain my feelings here any better than my face does. You've managed to capture the worst moment of my week and my worst side!

Whether from feeling the pressure and stress of a big race or from not having enough energy in my brain, my orienteering collapsed in the castle in Palmela. I didn't take in the detail on the map that I needed and I guess I just expected the control to be easy to see. When it wasn't I had no back-up plan.

I felt panic as I ran past a row of spectators, found nothing, understood nothing, heard people laughing. I also started even then to feel like you often do once you've finished a bad run; I knew already I'd ruined any chance of a good race and felt angry and ashamed I could do it in such a stupid way. There was a lot of expectation and it all came crashing down there and then. And I was still in the middle of it all. Still lost. On a sprint. But like someone said, if there's no downs, there's no point in having any ups!”

Catherine Taylor, Great Britain
[2013.04.13 – During the Sprint Final; EOC 2014, Palmela, Portugal]

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