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FinTrailO 2014: Historical victory of Marit Wiksell

Unable to put on the field, in a full way, their enormous potential, the Finnish champions were beaten helplessly in their own soil. The Swedish Marit Wiksell won the FinTrailO 2014, while the Norwegian Martin Jullum is the leader of the European TrailO Cup (unofficial ) after the first two stages.

Black journey for the Finnish TrailO competitors, that lived this weekend in Tuusula and Nurmijärvi, around Helsinki. For the first time in its five years of existence, the FinTrailO met a winner not Finnish. And if we think that the top five were, all of them, not Finnish, so the story of this competition seems to have really something to tell. But, what happened to the Swedish and Norwegians to come, see and win so emphatically? Nothing special, they were simply the best!

Opening stage of the second edition of the European TrailO Cup (unofficial), the FinTrailO 2014's TempO competition opened the hostilities. Played on Saturday morning for 82 athletes from eight countries, this competition saw the Finnish Pinja Mäkinen at her best, finishg the seven stations of the course (four points each) cleanly. The 132 seconds spent by the athlete were to be overcome by six other competitors, but the penalty time due to one or more wrong answers eventually relegate them to the secondary positions. Was it the case of the Finnish Antti Rusanen and Lauri Kontkanen, ranked second and third with more 28 and 32 seconds than the winner, respectively. Was also the case of the Swedish Marit Wiksell, the fastest in the course, but with 90 seconds of penalty for three wrong answers, which relegate her to the fifth place.

Predictions only in the end

On Saturday afternoon we had the PreO's first stage and with it the first major turnaround. Scoring only for FinTrailO 2014, the course had on the Norwegian Martin Jullum the big winner, with a total of 21 correct answers, as many as the controls on the course. With Jullum, were eight the competitors to do the full of correct answers, but the Norwegian was faster in the timed controls, spending only 10 seconds. With a wrong answer, Pinja Mäkinen began to lose terrain to their more direct opponents and with the Swedish Erik Stålnacke next to her in the overall standings of the event. And while Martin Fredholm, Marit Wiksell and Marko Määttälä, among others, recovering some positions, Antti Rusanen fall “two holes” and Lauri Kontkanen was out of the competition.

With seven athletes separated by just two points and everything to decide in the last competition, the FinTrailO 2014 saw Martin Jullum as the big winner once again in a stage that also count for the European Cup. Jullum show himself at his best and not give any wrong answer - like thirteen other athletes (!) - and he was again the fastest in the timed controls. Roope Nasi, Martin Fredholm, Marko Määttälä and Marit Wiksell answered fully correctly again, but Marit would be the big winner of FinTrailO 2014, one point ahead of Martin Jullum and Martin Fredholm, second and third placed, respectively. With two wrong answers, Erik Stålnacke would fall to the fifth position while Pinja Mäkinen would not go beyond the 18 points (in 21 possible), finishing in eighth place overall.


FinTrailO 2014
1 . Marit Wiksell (Stora Tuna OK) 67 points
2 . Martin Jullum (Halden SK) 66 points
3 . Martin Fredholm (OK Linné) 66 points
4 . Geir Myhr Øien (Eidsvoll o-lag) 65 points
5 . Erik Stålnacke (IFK Göteborg) 65 points
6 . Marko Määttälä (Kaustisen Pohjan - Veikot) 65 points
7 . Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat) 64 points
8 . Pinja Mäkinen (Koo - Vee) 64 points
9 . Aleksei Laisev (Keravan Urheilijat) 64 points
10. Erik Lundkvist (HJS - Vansbro OK) 63 points

European TrailO Cup (unofficial)
1 . Martin Jullum (Halden SK) 72 points
2 . Marit Wiksell (Stora Tuna OK) 69 points
3 . Lauri Kontkanen (Selkien Sisu) 54 points
4 . Martin Fredholm (OK Linné) 53 points
5 . Pinja Mäkinen (Koo - Vee) 51 points
6 . Antti Rusanen (Keravan Urheilijat) 48 points
7 . Geir Myhr Øien (Eidsvoll o-lag) 47 points
8 . Erik Lundkvist (HJS - Vansbro OK) 40 points
9 . Lars Jakob Waaler (Porsgrunn OL) 36 points
10. Marko Määttälä (Kaustisen Pohjan-Veikot) 34 points

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