Saturday, May 03, 2014

Two or three things I know about it...

1. It's called “Precision (Pre-O debut!) & ( Pain) Promotion” and it's the latest chronicle of the excellent series “1000 days”, signed by Helen Palmer. Sure that Helen will forgive my daring, I put aside the “Promotion”(and the “pain”) to focus just on the “Precision” (and the “Pre-O debut!”). And I start by quoting it: “I'm always looking for ways I can change up my training and get a little edge and keep things interesting so last weekend I made my Precision-Orientering (Pre-O) Debut!” It's about the so called “debut”, the lack of familiarity with TrailO and the adventure over the 20 controls (plus three timed controls) at the “Norwegian Spring” PreO stage - priceless description the one of the wrong answer on the last control (!) - that Helen Palmer tells us, in a narrative as interesting as funny. In the end, a positive balance: “Overall I enjoyed my Pre-O experience but I could not help thinking it would be more exciting if all the controls were timed and indeed if the sections between the controls were timed and then if when you got to the control there was just one control there so you did not have to stop and fanny about and could you just push on to the next one ...” Everything to read at

2. A little over two months to the start of the World Trail Orienteering Championships WTOC 2014, its Event Director gaves an interview. Here, Roberta Falda speaks of herself and the personal challenge of being “the top of the pyramid formed by many actors” and, at the same time, takes us to meet different terrains and tracks into two distinct regions, the Veneto and the Trentino. “I believe that in a good World Championships the best athlete wins on lands of different types but also with tracks made with different techniques at the same time, with fair play for all participants”, she says, hoping that “it will be so in Italy”. The interview can be read in the WOC 2014 page, at

3. Returning to the highlights of the EOC 2014, time to recover an appointment of Eva Jurenikova, where the athlete and coach reflects on what was negative in this edition of the European Championships and claim for “some structural changes”. With the title “EOC 2014 - Everything bad is good for something?”, Eva places, at once, “the finger in several wounds”, from the lack of human and economic resources of the Portuguese organization to how the IOF should be involved to ensure “fair competitions of high quality”. Looking to the domes of the International Orienteering Federation - “improving the quality of our elite events needs to have a lot higher priority than the Olympic dream” - the athlete denounces the way how the organizations are abandoned to their fate: “In orienteering organizers are left to themselves to create own systems. It is no wonder we see so many failures when new people have to learn and invent these things again and again”, she says . Still time for an appeal that is, at the same time, a cry: “Team leaders, get united”. She concludes: “The EOC in Portugal hit you hard and you probably need more time to recover from the week than your athletes. But when you gain your energy again, invest it into thinking about possible solutions, discuss with your national federations, your athletes and also with your colleagues from other nations.” Everything to read at

4. The future is right now... and it's called 10Mila. In the countdown to the “longest night”, the 10Mila 2014 puts in competition 334 teams of ten athletes each in the men's course, while the women's course has identical numbers, with 333 teams of five elements entered. But there are still 301 teams of six members each entered in the Relay Youth, which brings the total number of participants from the house of the seven thousand. Kalevan Rasti, Halden SK, IFK Lidingö SOK, Hiidenkiertäjät, Kristiansand OK, Vaajakosken Tera, OK Linné and Södertälje - Nykvarn OF are the biggest favorites among the men, while Halden SK, OK Tisaren, Domnarvets GoIF, Tampereen Pyrintö and Pan Århus are some of the top teams among the women. At approximately six and a half hours of duration, the men's course its scheduled for 7:30 pm (9:30 pm in Portugal), while the women's course will be played in the early afternoon, at 2:30 pm (4:30 pm in Portugal). All information at

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