Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OSK Falco - Takas 2014, ECTO 3rd & 4th stages: Martin Jullum and Lars Jakob Waaler share victories

Martin Jullum reinforced his leadership in the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014 after a victory and a third place achieved last weekend at Ignalina. Lars Jakob Waaler was the other winner of the Lithuanian journey.

With the dispute of its third and fourth stages, continued last weekend in Lithuania, the second edition of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014. Organized by OSK Falco, the event took place in the idyllic landscapes of Aukstaitija National Park in the east of the country, near the border with Belarus, with the presence of 35 athletes - including 9 Paralympics - representing eight countries.

With one control canceled and another amended following the complaints after the final, the first stage saw the Norwegian Martin Jullum make an almost perfect course, ensuring the victory with 25 points from 27 possible. In a race where all three immediate places were occupied by Ukrainian athletes, one of the most relevant aspects was the large discrepancy in terms of results, with the sixth ranked, the Finnish Anna Jacobson, at distant five points behind the winner.

Only 13th classified in the previous stage, the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler won the second day race, achieving a score of 21 points from possible 23. At one point to the winner, rated up for this order the Latvian Janis Ruksans, the Norwegians Martin Jullum and Widar Taxth Løland and the Ukrainian Mykola Opanasenko. After the first four stages, Martin Jullum keep the leadership of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014 with a total of 158 points, followed by the winner in 2013, his compatriot Lars Jakob Waaler, with 101 points. The Swedish Marit Wiksell is in the third position with 69 points, the same as the Latvian Janis Ruksans. To check the results and other information, please go to https://www.facebook.com/OSKFalco.

Ranking (after the 4th stage)
Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014

1. Martin Jullum (Norway) 158 points
2. Lars Jakob Waaler (Norway) 101 points 
3. Marit Wiksell (Sweden) 69 points
3. Janis Ruksans (Latvia) 69 points
5. Anna Jacobson (Finland) 66 points
6. Mykola Opanasenko (Ukraine) 58 points
7. Lauri Kontkanen (Finland) 56 points
8. Martin Fredholm (Sweden) 53 points
9. Anton Puhovkin (Ukraine) 52 points
10. Pinja Mäkinen (Finland) 51 points

The Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014 continues next weekend with the dispute in Tukums, Latvia, of the fifth and sixth stages [HERE].

Joaquim Margarido

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