Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Who doesn't remember him, “dry and stiff”, laurel wreath on his head, waving to all those who gathered at Praia da Vieira, early in the afternoon of 5th July 2008, to applaud his world title of Sprint in the M90 class? Again, M90! In the following years, the Finnish Erkki Luntamo continued to be present and cherished whenever the opportunity offered, having run his last international competition in the WMOC 2011, in Pécs (Hungary). We heard now, with great sadness, about his death at 99 years of age. The success of Luntamo began in the World Masters of 1994, in Scotland, winning the gold medal in M80 class. This was the first of more than 15 medals in competitions worldwide, both in summer and winter, making of him one of the best known and dear veteran orienteer in the World. This year, Erkki Luntamo was prepared to be the first competitor to participate in a course in the H100 class. His club, the Rasti-Vakka Uusikaupunki, prepared in the last May a special competition, but Luntamo wasn't able to participate. He died in the hospital just a week later. The forest he loved will no longer feel their footsteps.

2. From the last Saturday, and extending through the early Sunday morning, come to us the echoes of another edition of this great party which is Jukola, held this year in Kuopio. Played continuously since 1949, the great Finnish event recorded at the finish line 1357 teams of seven runners in the men's competition and 1139 teams of four elements in the women's competition. Having made history in 2013 by becoming the first Danish team to win the women's competition, the team of OK Pan Århus (Emma Klingenberg, Signe Søes, Maja Alm and Ida Bobach) repeated his victory with a record of 2:56:41. Tampereen Pyrintö and OK Linne finnished in the immediate positions with over 3:52 and 4:52, respectively, to the winners. In the male sector, the Finnish team of Kalevan Rasti get the victory for the third year in a row, equaling the achievement of the Tampereen Pyrintö, the only club until now winning for three consecutive years (between 1961 and 1963) in 66 editions of the Jukola. Seeming doomed to a secundary place at the entrance to the penultimate course, the Kalevan Rasti launched to the forest the Swiss Fabian Hertner and the Frenchman Thierry Gueorgiou, turning a disadvantage of 5:46 in an extraordinary triumph, though by a narrow margin. The winning team spent a amount of 7:59:02, against 7:59:13 of their more direct rivals. The third place fell to Sweden's Södertälje Nykvarn Orienter with over 3:49 than the winners. Everything to read http://www.jukola.com/2014/en/.

3. After Kongsberg (Norway), the World Cup 2014 headed the Finnish town of Imatra where, last Wednesday, took place the 9th round, precisely the last before the World Championships next July, in Italy. In a Sprint vigorously disputed, the current European champions, Jonas Leandersson (Sweden) and Judith Wyder (Switzerland), were the big winners. With a record of 12:20 to 3.4 km, Leandersson hit the field, leaving the Swiss Daniel Hubmann and the Belgian Yannick Michiels at four and six seconds away, respectively. In the women's class, Wyder ran the 3.1 km of his course in 13:01, just two seconds ahead of the Danish Maja Alm. With 13:20, the Swiss Julia Gross and the Swedish Helena Jansson and Tove Alexandersson closed ex-aequo the podium. The day after, took place the Mixed Sprint Relay, the new format that will official debut at the highest level in the next WOC 2014 and that had in the Denmark team (Emma Klingenberg, Tue Lassen, Søren Bobach and Maja Alm) the big winner. All information at http://www.worldcupimatra2014.com/in-english/general/.

4. Completed the Danish round of the World Cup MTB orienteering 2014 that opened the season, is now published and regularly updated the IOF's ranking for this discipline. In the male sector, the Russian Anton Foliforov leads with 5847 points, only 20 points ahead the Finnish Jussi Laurila. Second placed in the second stage of the World Cup, the Portuguese Davide Machado climbed nine places in the ranking, occupying now the 17th place with 5492 points. In the women sector, the Finnish Marika Hara and the Swedish Cecilia Thomasson occupy for this order the first two places, the leader registering 5900 points against 5836 of the Swedish. The ranking can be consulted at http://iofranking.osport.ee/iofranking/.

5. The 14th May represents a historic milestone in the introduction and development of the Orienteering in Morocco. Conducted by the Spanish Orienteering Federation, it took place in Larache, coastal city of the northwestern part of country, a first activity involving all the school centres of Larache. More than 250 children, from 12 to 16 years, participated in the theoretical explanation which took place in the Spanish Centre of Larache and then in a practical activity which took place in the courtyards and installations thereof. The next day, the Equestrian Woods of Larache were chosen for the development of a new stage, this time involving about two hundred children from six educational centres, grouped into over 60 teams of 3 to 5 athletes. This activity had the joint collaboration of the students from IFP of Motril. “For me it was a very happy and recognition day, after nearly two years of work on this project, and I want to share it with all those who, day after day, helped me to get it,” said Jose Samper, Technical Director of FEDO and great mentor of this remarkable work. Read the original article at http://www.fedo.org/web/ultimas-noticias/1256-1-prueba-escolar-de-orientacion-en-marruecos.

Joaquim Margarido

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