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3 Days of Latvia: Martin Fredholm win TrailO competition

A victory and a second place in two days of competition gave to Martin Fredholm the victory in the TrailO at 3 Days of Latvia, an event that took place last weekend in Tukums. The Ukrainian Vitaliy Kyrychenko was the winner of the other stage while Guntars Mankus won the title of National Champion of his country.

Foot orienteering, MTB orienteering and Trail orienteering were the major figures of another edition - the 28th (!) - of the great feast of orienteering in Latvia that goes by the name of “Orientēšanās Trīsdienas”, that is to say, “3 Days of Orienteering”. With Zita Ruksane as Event Director, the TrailO competition included the 5th and 6th stages of II Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014, with the participation of 63 athletes from nine countries in the Elite class and still 16 athletes in B class.

With four controls voided, the Swedish Martin Fredholm was the first stage's big winner with a score of 17 points in 19 possible (25 seconds of total time spent in timed controls). Also with 17 points but with 86 seconds and 116 seconds in the timed controls, were classified, respectively, the Estonian Aleksei Laisev and the Latvian Raivis Reinsons. The second stage saw the Ukrainian Vitaliy Kyrychenko to win with a total of 23 points, while in the immediate positions, with less one point, were classified by this order Martin Fredholm (91 seconds), the Latvian Guntars Mankus (104 seconds), the British Nick Barrable (178 seconds), the Swedish Erik Lundkvist (212 seconds) and the Ukrainian Yevgeny Hoienko (243 seconds). With these results, Martin Fredholm was the big winner in all of two days of competititon with a total of 39 points, two more than Guntars Mankus and Vitaliy Kyrychenko, ranked second and third respectively.

Martin Jullum keep the leadership

The Norwegian Martin Jullum is still in the lead of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2014 with 158 points, but he saw Martin Fredholm approaching dangerously, standing in second place at 13 points to the lead. The Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler had in Latvia performances below his possibilities, hence have fallen to the third place with 123 points. The Latvian Janis Ruksans keep the fourth place, with 97 points, five more than the Ukrainian Anton Puhovkin, in the fifth position.

Note also that the 3 Days of Latvia included a TempO course, which was won by Janis Ruksans, with 454 seconds. Lars Jakob Waaler got the second position with 9 seconds more while Erik Lundkvist finished in the 3rd place with 485 points. Finally, a note to mark the podium of the Latvian National Championships 2014 and that was well filled: Guntars Mankus was the big winner with 37 points, while the second place went to Raivis Reinsons with 34 points. At four points to the winner, in the third position, ranked Jānis Rukšāns.

Ranking (after the 6th stage)
Unofficial European Cup in TrailO

1. Martin Jullum (Norway) 158 points
2. Martin Fredholm (Sweden) 145 points
3. Lars Jakob Waaler (Norway) 125 points
4. Janis Ruksans (Latvia) 98 points
5. Anton Puhovkin (Ukraine) 92 points
6. Widar Taxth Løland (Norway) 84 points
7. Erik Lundkvist (Sweden) 78 points
8. Aleksei Laisev (Estonia) 77 points
9. Mykola Opanasenko (Ukraine) 74 points
10. Yevgeny Hoienko (Ukraine) 73 points

More information on http://2014.kapa.lv/en/trailo/.

Joaquim Margarido

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