Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Martin Jullum: A moment, a comment...

It was certainly an amazing day for me. My team mate Egil Sønsterudbråten had a really good feeling, he said the day before and yesterday before the race and it certainly was the case.

Regarding the moment, of course it was special. It was a very nice moment and it suited very well that my mom and dad had taken the trip to Italy to follow the Championships this year. I think they were very proud yesterday. And of course it was something extra for me to win the gold when they were here. It was also very good for my career, I felt that I have had the medal level a few years, and now I finally achieved my dream of becoming the best in the world, the world champion.”

Martin Jullum, Norway
2014.07.07 – Moment after the TempO's Prize Giving Ceremony; WOC 2014, Trento, Italy

[Photo: © Jens Erik Mjølnerød]

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