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MTB orienteering World Cup 2014: Foliforov and Benham, the Long Distance's winners

Repeating the results of the first day of competition, Anton Foliforov and Emily Benham were the big winners of the Long Distance stage, in the end of the Swedish round of the MTB orienteering World Cup 2014. A stage still marked by the violent crash between Davide Machado and Hans Jørgen Kvåle.

Located west of Kristianstad, in Sweden, the Skepparslövs Golf Club and the vast surrounding forest area, were the scenery of the third and final stage of the MTB orienteering World Cup 2014's second round. A stage marked by the accident suffered by the Portuguese Davide Machado and Norwegian Hans Jørgen Kvåle, crashing in the early part of the course. At the phone with the Portuguese Team leader, Daniel Marques, still in Kristianstad Hospital, it was possible to know that it was a very strong shock, with Davide Machado to present memory loss in the early moments, however recovered. Machado presents “some injuries in the wrists, knees and brows”, according Daniel Marques, and was waiting for the results of subsidiary exams, but aparently free of danger, hoping to leave the Hospital very soon.

As for the competition, the last day was held in a very technical map, in which the Russian Anton Filoforov had the opportunity to demonstrate once again why he is the leader of the IOF's World Ranking. Foliforov was the fastest to complete his course, spending 1:37:23 to cover about 40 km. In second place, 1:52 behind the winner, the Czech Jan Svoboda achieved his best result ever in a stage counting to the MTB orienteering World Cup, after the bronze medal achieved in the Middle Distance race of the World Championships in Hungary, in 2012. The Finnish Pekka Niemi was third with 1:56 more than the winner, closing the competition with the same result as the opening stage last Friday.

"Tri" and "Emily", the perfect combination

As for the women sector, the British Emily Benham has shown to be unbeatable, making the full of victories in three races. With 1:24:40 for 30.900 meters of her course, the athlete has left behind, with 48 seconds more, the Finnish Susanna Laurila. At 3:43 from Benham, the Czech Martina Tichovska finished third, rising for the first time in her career to a World Cup podium, after having been there very closely last May, ranked 4th at the Long Distance stage, in the opening round of the season, held in Denmark.

As for the Portuguese competitors, the day was really far from what they expected. In addition to Davide Machado's accident – in a stage where the athlete had the greatest hopes in a great result - the remaining five athletes returned to achieve modest results, all in the second half of the standings. João Ferreira, in 39th place with 13:24 more than the winner, was our best representative. In the immediate position, Guilherme Marques got the time of 1:51:20. At 1:22 from Guilherme Marques, stayed Daniel Marques, in 44th place, while Carlos Simões had its worst performance in the Swedish round, finishing in 64th place, at 27:25 of leadership. Inácio Serralheiro was the last Portuguese to finish the course, spending 2:21:49.



1. Anton Foliforov (Russia) 1:37:23
2. Jan Svoboda (Czech Republic) 1:39:15 (+ 01:52)
3. Pekka Niemi (Finland) 1:39:19 (+ 01:56)
4. Juho Saarinen (Finland) 1:39:26 (+ 02:03)
5. Lauri Malsroos (Estonia) 1:39:38 (+ 02:15)
6. Jussi Laurila (Finland) 1:40:13 (+ 02:50)
7. Marek Pospisek (Czech Republic) 1:40:25 (03:02 +)
8. Tõnis Erm (Estonia) 1:40:35 (+ 03:12)
9. Vojtech Stransky (Czech Republic) 1:41:17 (+ 03:54)
10. Ruslan Gritsan (Russia) 1:42:03 (+ 04:40)
39. João Ferreira (Portugal) 1:50:47 (+ 13:24)
40. Guilherme Marques (Portugal) 1:51:20 (+ 13:57)
44. Daniel Marques (Portugal) 1:52:42 (+ 15:19)
64. Carlos Simões (Portugal) 2:04:48 (27:25 +)
67. Inácio Serralheiro (Portugal) 2:21:49 (+ 44:26)
dnf Davide Machado (Portugal)


1. Emily Benham (Great Britain) 1:24:40
2. Susanna Laurila (Finland) 1:25:28 (+ 00:48)
3. Martina Tichovska (Czech Republic) 1:28:23 (+ 03:43)
4. Marika Hara (Finland) 1:28:48 (+ 04:08)
5. Ingrid Stengard (Finland) 1:29:57 (+ 05:17)
5. Eeva-Liisa Hakala (Finland) 1:29:57 (+ 05:17)
7. Gaelle Barlet (France) 1:30:19 (+ 05:39)
8. Olga Vinogradova (Russia) 1:30:53 (+ 06:03)
9. Laura Scaravonati (Italy) 1:30:56 (+ 06:16)
10. Cecilia Thomasson (Sweden) 1:31:13 (+ 06:33)

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