Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nadiya Volynska: A moment, a comment...

The moment was quite spontaneous. I just got the idea while being on the way to the Opening Ceremony in Asiago. We met some ukrainians and heard their greetings and smiles on the way to the main square and I just asked Oleksandr [Kratov] what if I will write on my hands that. We want peace and we wanted to show it on the podium. He said that it would be my decision. So I decided to do it.

I borrowed a pen and started to write while waiting the Prize Giving Ceremony. Carlotta Scalet, my friend from Italian Team, helped me to fix my left hand and I was ready to the moment. When Per Forsberg named me and I steped forward and raised my hands up, tears in my eyes, I was proud to do this to my country. I was more happy to do this than to be the 4th best in the word that day.”

Nadiya Volynska, Ukraine
2014.07.06 – During the Sprint's Prize Giving Ceremony; WOC 2014, Asiago, Italy

[Photo: © Donatas Lazauskas Sports Photography /]

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