Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Svetlana Mironova: A moment, a comment...

This is the moment right after the flower ceremony, when photographers asked Thierry to pick me up in arms to take this photo. That was a moment of pride, standing near so famous person like Thierry and, simultaneously, a little confusing because I've never been the subject of so much attention. Maybe, I still can't believe it!

But it was so important historical moment for me, my coaches, friends and my country. I made a long way to it. That's why I didn't feel extreeeemely happy at all, but a great satisfaction and joy in my orienteering!”

Svetlana Mironova, Russia
2014.07.09 – End of the Long Distance course; WOC 2014, Lavarone, Italy

[Photo: © Jan Kocbach / worldofo.com]

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